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Welcome Email Design: 7 Examples That Will Inspire You

Welcome Email Design: 7 Examples That Will Inspire You

If you’ve ever walked into the Mexican restaurant Moe’s Southwest Grill, you were probably greeted by a chorus of cheerful “Welcome to Moe’s!” as employees stopped what they were doing to welcome you into the restaurant. Since the restaurant first launched, Moe’s has made a point of welcoming its guests in style. The result? A lot of satisfied customers with a positive impression of the brand.

When you send a welcome email to new subscribers, you have a similar opportunity for your business. That email is the first step in creating a strong customer relationship, so it’s imperative that you get things off on the right foot by communicating well with your customer from the moment they become a subscriber. A welcome email campaign can start to build credibility and loyalty, showing benefits long past that initial message.

Want to create lasting customer relationships? Take your cue from Moe’s and give new customers a hearty welcome. Here are a few welcome email design tips to get you started.

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This welcome email from Sprouts makes it as easy as possible for you to go shopping. The message gives you a peek inside the store complete with photos and an explanation of symbols used on their signage. For customers who have never shopped at Sprouts before, this welcome email example makes it simple to get started.

Subject line: Hey Hailey, welcome to Sprouts!

welcome email design example

Le Prunier

The goal of a welcome email is twofold: Introduce your company and make your new subscriber feel welcome. Le Prunier accomplishes this by adding a line of copy that says “Welcome to the fam.” This simple message makes readers feel like they’re part of something special.

A discount code is another great component to add to your welcome email design. Welcome emails with offers can boost revenue by 30% per email compared to welcome emails without offers. Try sending a simple 10% off discount code, like Le Prunier does here.

Subject line: Welcome to Le Prunier! ?

welcome email example

KIND Snacks

KIND Snacks also draws on the power of a discount code — and the power of puns. This welcome email example provides a nice overview of KIND’s products. In a simple single-column layout, KIND lists four of its most popular products, providing a photo, simple description and CTA button for each. At the end of the email, readers also have the option to “Shop All Snacks” via a separate CTA button that leads to the entire store.

Subject line: Welcome to the KIND family

welcome email to customer

Yard House

Yard House takes a slightly different route, offering new subscribers a complimentary appetizer instead of a discount code. A CTA button takes readers to the menu so they can pick out what they’d like to eat.

It’s also important to note that Yard House sends this welcome email as soon as somebody signs up for the company’s newsletter. Don’t wait too long to send a welcome email to a customer. When they opt in to your emails, your brand is on their mind — they’re expecting to receive a message. So your welcome email is more likely to be opened and read if you send it right away.

Subject line: You’re officially a House Insider!

welcome email design


Sometimes it can be overwhelming or confusing to start shopping from a new company. Sephora uses an adorable illustrated GIF to reassure new customers that the company will help them take everything in. The brand also highlights a few of its exclusive products and its free rewards program. And we absolutely love the checklist at the bottom of the message: The “Your Sephora Welcome Series” lets readers see what’s coming to their inboxes next.

Subject line: Welcome to Sephora! ?

best welcome email example

welcome email gif


In this welcome email example from Monday.com, the company provides a bulleted list of features. This shines a light on the benefits of Monday.com’s services and lets you know how the platform works. The brand includes a user statistic, too, tapping into the bandwagon effect to get more people to jump on board.

We also appreciate how this welcome email is short and to the point. Remember, you don’t have to share every bit of information about your company in the very first email. This is just the beginning of a long relationship with a new customer — you’ll have plenty of time later to hit all the details. When it comes to welcome emails, less is definitely more.

Subject line: Welcome to monday.com ?

simple welcome email design


Strategically use your welcome email to ask for more information so you can better serve your new customers. Segmentation is important: When you segment your emails, you’re sending each individual relevant, personalized content they want to read.

You can create segments based on geographic location, purchase history or other information about your customer. In this welcome email, Purina asked new customers for more information about their pet. The “Tell us about your pet” CTA button takes you to a page where you can check off whether you have a dog or cat and input their name, birthday and size. All of these questions provide Purina with more opportunities to specifically market to individual customers.

Subject: Bee, welcome to the Purina family

welcome email example

Wrap-up: Welcome email templates

With the BEE email editor, welcome email design is made easy. Find one of our welcome email templates that works for you, like this “Thanks for signing up!” template by Martin Nikolchev.

…or the “Hiring Simplified” email by designer Navid Nosrati.

Once you’ve decided on a template, open the email in the BEE email editor to customize the template with your own details and design elements. Then you can export the finished message to your email service provider. Sending a welcome email to new clients and customers can improve your customer retention rates and have long-term benefits for your business.

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