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5 Simple Emails That Did More With Less

5 Simple Emails That Did More With Less

Sometimes the best things in life are … simple. When your readers are sifting through mailboxes that are overwhelmed with an extraordinary amount of content, simple emails earn customers’ trust. Often, simple emails can get a message across more effectively because the reader doesn’t have much skimming to do, and minimalist design and content offer audiences a sense of clarity and focus.

A good basic email includes your logo, simple (yet well-written) copy, plain colors that match your brand and a clear call to action (CTA). If you do it right, simple emails can strengthen your relationship with readers while communicating key messages and even earning conversions!

These brands have the right idea:

#1: Focus in on what counts

Bumble and bumble has managed to include a lot in this simple email example. They include uncomplicated and non-intrusive graphics that match their brand while still making sure their CTA pops. With minimal copy, readers can focus on the product photo and branding. And their simple review GIF adds just a touch of fun and message reinforcement!

Subject: Your hair color saviors + FREE trial kit


simple email marketing example

Here’s the review GIF:

customer review gif

#2: Use a photo montage

We regularly see fashion emails that are photo heavy, with lots of scrolling required. But here Lord + Taylor has simplified things by creating a photo montage GIF, reducing visual confusion and boosting impact! This email made us stop and look – not only because of the montage but also due to the bright colors, large font and minimal copy.

Subject: Our favorite dresses are $19.99… 

photo montage email

Here’s the full photo montage GIF:

photo montage gif

#3: Be professional

Udacity’s audience members are professionals, and here they’re keeping things perfectly on-brand with a simple message that focuses in on their brand value: expertise. This email emphasizes two CTAs: one geared at readers already ready to make a purchase and one for those still learning about Udacity’s offerings. The copy is short and succinct, and the design and on-brand color scheme draws everything together. In this case, the email’s simplicity conveys confidence and reinforces the brand’s reputation.

Subject: Introducing the Java Developer Nanodegree program


on-brand email design example

#4: Be efficient

The folks at Mealpal understand how much you can say with just a few words (and images!) This oh-so-brief email can be understood at a glance, and the GIF is eye-catching and compelling. Both a discount offer and information on how the program works are all squeezed in here without it getting visually crowded.

Subject: Let us manage your lunch calendar 📆

simple email example

Their food calendar GIF:

simple email example gif

#5: Use white space

In this email, NiftyImages takes full advantage of white space and keeps color and illustrations to a minimum. This creates a calming visual effect that draws the eye to the straightforward messaging and imaginative GIFs.

Subject: Here’s a quick summer recap

white space email example

GIFs galore:

minimalist gif html email template gif simple email design gif


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