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Thanksgiving Email Marketing Ideas to Be Grateful For

Thanksgiving Email Marketing Ideas to Be Grateful For

Family, food and, oh yeah — email design. Does email marketing top your gratitude list this year? In a season that’s been difficult for many, we’re celebrating the little things — colorful email headers and perfectly-placed CTA buttons included. Care to join us? Take a look at these Thanksgiving email marketing ideas that every email marketer will be grateful for.

Does email marketing top your gratitude list this year? Take a look at these Thanksgiving email marketing ideas that every email marketer will be grateful for. Click To Tweet

Write Thanksgiving email subject lines

Take a peek into our inbox to see some Thanksgiving email subject lines we’ve received:

  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.
  • Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. ?
  • Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for YOU
  • Happy Thanksgiving | Here’s 30% off

It’s not difficult to notice the trend — the words “Happy Thanksgiving” start almost every subject line. This is a great way to make it clear what the email is about. But make sure to add something extra, too, so your brand sticks out from the crowd.

Send a Thanksgiving-themed email newsletter

What type of Thanksgiving email content could you include in your email newsletter? Wired has some great ideas. Thanksgiving movies, apps and food science articles make up this tech-savvy email newsletter. Think of ways that you can link your industry with the holiday — maybe articles on pet safety during the holiday for a pet brand, or what’s trending in fall fashion for a fashion brand. Then provide some valuable content for your customers.

Subject line: Share all your Thanksgiving photos with these apps

thanksgiving email newsletter

Create a family feel

We love how Outerknown introduced its employees with a photo (including what seems to be the office dog). It’s always a good idea to put faces with a brand. And there’s no better time than Thanksgiving to welcome your customers into the family.


thanksgiving email marketing idea

Get creative with fall accents

Leesa does a great job of connecting its products with the holiday in this Thanksgiving email marketing campaign. The copy is minimal but effective, and the CTA buttons are descriptive and well-placed, enticing you to click. Finally, Leesa tops it off with adorable fall leaves dancing across the screen. This Thanksgiving email is a hit!

Subject line: A Thanksgiving treat for Kelly

thanksgiving email marketing campaign

Keep it simple

Terrain knows how to do Thanksgiving email marketing. This email starts with a simple message wishing customers a happy Thanksgiving. Then it seamlessly transitions into sales mode, showcasing product photos with simple frames for readers to peruse. Terrain does an excellent job of combining a “happy holidays” email with a promotional push.

Subject line: Happy Thanksgiving from Terrain.

thanksgiving email marketing examples

Advertise a flash sale

This colorful Thanksgiving email from Paper Source tells readers to hurry — the discounts will be gone soon! Colors and patterns catch your eye: The email is busy without being overwhelming.

Subject line: Hurry! Set the Thanksgiving table at 20% OFF.

thanksgiving email

Be empathetic

This Thanksgiving email marketing message from Ethan Allen looks like a handmade paper card, with one main image and a few lines of text wishing the reader a happy Thanksgiving. Ethan Allen also acknowledges that everybody has different family structures, and everybody celebrates this holiday in a different way.

Subject line: A Thanksgiving wish 

empathy marketing thanksgiving email

Get a jump start on Black Friday

The run-up to Thanksgiving isn’t too early to start advertising for Black Friday. In fact, many shoppers start buying before the turkey is served. Many retailers start advertising their Black Friday deals as early as Wednesday, and consumers are getting used to the deals being a multi-day event. So it’s not inappropriate to advertise your Black Friday discounts in a Thanksgiving email. Tarte sent this colorful email on Thanksgiving Day around noon, hoping to catch customers before they sat down to the table.


black friday discount email

Wrap-up: Thanksgiving email templates

Create beautiful Happy Thanksgiving emails to clients with our Thanksgiving email templates! Ease your customers’ stress with The Ultimate Guide to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving by designer Yuliana Pandelieva.

Or give thanks with this colorful Thanksgiving Day email template by Andrea Dall’Ara.

Design emails that express your gratitude to your customers this year!

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