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Your Two-Step Guide to Connecting Klaviyo With BEE

Your Two-Step Guide to Connecting Klaviyo With BEE

Tools like the BEE email editor and Klaviyo are an email marketer’s best friend: They save you time and effort as you work to reach a wider audience and get more engagement with your email campaigns. Now, you can connect your Klaviyo account with BEE to easily create emails using the two platforms. Here’s how!

Why use Klaviyo with BEE?

If you aren’t familiar with Klaviyo, it’s an email automation platform that’s especially ideal for e-commerce companies. Klaviyo supports your email marketing efforts by helping you analyze website data so you can send relevant, highly targeted email campaigns. When it comes to Klaviyo vs. MailChimp, the two platforms are comparable, but Klaviyo offers more built-in features — including a free account option that lets you send up to 500 emails with 250 contacts. Klaviyo can integrate with several other platforms, including Shopify, Stripe, and BEE.

BEE is a drag-and-drop email design tool that allows you to easily create and customize stunning email campaigns. Its extensive catalog of free email templates are easy to use, with plenty of options for integrating your own branding and designs. Once you’ve finished creating an email, you can export it to any number of email service providers — including the Klaviyo software. Here is your easy, two-step guide to connecting your Klaviyo account with BEE. (The Klaviyo connector is only available for BEE Pro, so start your free two-week trial here if you need it.)

How to integrate Klaviyo

There are two processes you can follow to connect your Klaviyo account with your BEE account. Before you can begin either one, however, you’ll need to get an API key from Klaviyo.

Step #1: Retrieve your Klaviyo API key

From your Klaviyo dashboard, click “Account,” “Settings,” and “API Keys.” From there, you can create an API key by typing in a label and then manually copying the key. Now, you’re ready to head over to your BEE account and connect the two.

klaviyo api

Step #2: Connect via BEE settings

Open your BEE account and go to “Settings,” then “Connectors.” Click on Klaviyo, and then paste your API key into the pop-up. (You’ll also be asked for your Klaviyo account name, but if you don’t know this, don’t worry — it’s not mandatory.) Click “Connect,” and you’re good to go! Your accounts are now connected.

klaviyo connector

If you want to export just a single template to Klaviyo, you can do that, too. Here’s how:

Step #1: Export your message

Create an email message in BEE. When it’s ready, click “Export Message” on the message details page and then select “Export to another application.”

export to klaviyo

Step #2: Choose Klaviyo

Choose Klaviyo from the list of options. If you’ve already connected your accounts via Settings, all you’ll have to do is click “Create campaign;” otherwise, you’ll need to paste your API key into the pop-up during this step. After that, you’ll be able to find your BEE email template in your Klaviyo account and send it from there!

Wrap-up: Connect Klaviyo with BEE

By connecting Klaviyo with BEE in this simple two-step process, you can create beautiful email templates in BEE and then send those email campaigns using Klaviyo. Connecting your accounts can save you time as you create beautiful and effective emails to market your brand. Happy designing!

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