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Welcome Email Series: Strategy, Timing and Subject Lines for 2020

Welcome Email Series: Strategy, Timing and Subject Lines for 2020

Do you send a welcome email series to new subscribers? If not, we’d encourage you to start. This type of email series is hugely beneficial and carries a high ROI. Before you click “send,” let’s take a look at the benefits of a welcome email series and cover a few key strategies for these emails in 2020.

Why Send a Welcome Email Series?

A well-done welcome email series can solidify your relationship with new and potential customers. Welcome emails produce 320% more revenue than other promotional emails, and they carry a high ROI. Plus, about 75% of your customers expect them, so they’re a great way to nurture leads.

So what exactly qualifies as a welcome email series? This kind of series typically contains three or so emails that introduce your brand through content, discount codes, and other information. For best results, send the emails in the series 1-2 days apart.

Today, we’re going to discuss the best strategies for your welcome emails to earn a high open-rate and boost conversions.

Welcome Email Series Best Practices

These welcome email series examples should help you plan your ideal approach:

#1 – Add a Discount Coupon

SwimZip uses a summery design with fun fonts to present its brand. The company also offers new subscribers a 20%-off coupon, which is a great tactic to entice new readers to make a purchase. 

Subject line: Welcome aboard SwimZip newsletter.


#2 – Introduce Your Company

Groupon uses its welcome email to give a brief overview explaining what the company does. With the Groupon app, the message explains, you can shop products by category and save money on experiences in your area. This short email provides a lot of valuable information about how to reap the benefits this company provides. Offering a quick explanation for your new subscribers can help smooth out the process of getting them on board.

Subject line: Welcome!


#3 – Preview What’s Coming

Your welcome email series is an ideal opportunity to let readers know what they can expect to see from you in the future. Here, the World Wildlife Fund kicked things off by promising conservation stories and ways to get involved. This nonprofit also asked new subscribers to take a welcome survey asking what kind of content they wanted to see in WWF emails, giving consumers a voice.

Subject line: Welcome and congratulations, Bee

nonprofit welcome email

#4 – Keep It Simple

This American Apparel welcome email has just one simple, visually striking graphic that packs in all the necessary information in a small area: the discount code, product choices, and CTA buttons. Don’t overwhelm new subscribers with too much information too soon — instead, just share the must-know information and save other details for later.

Subject line: Welcome to American Apparel

simple welcome email

#5 – Create a Unified Series

Sending a true welcome email series is often more effective than sending a few disconnected initial emails; consider sending three emails over the course of a week. The first email can simply confirm the reader’s subscription. The second email could offer more information about your business, while the third might have a discount code or ask the reader to do something simple such as follow you on social media. If you have a free trial, you can send an email when the trial is over; that’s what this free trial expiration template, made by Andrea Dall’Ara, is meant for.

#6 – Personalize Subject Lines

When it comes to welcome email subject lines, most companies keep things simple — “Welcome to Earth Day Network,” “Welcome to Sleepy Jones,” “Welcome to the Coconut Club.” Keep your subject line brief and run a few tests to find the best option. You can evoke emotion by adding another well-placed word, as Make-A-Wish does here with the term “community” or as Vita Coco does by adding the exclusive-sounding “club.” Personalizing your welcome email series subject lines will get results, too: Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

welcome email subject lines

Wrap-Up: Welcome Email Series

Now you know how to write a welcome email series — and it’s time to perfect yours. Use one of BEE’s easy, drag-and-drop email templates or our welcome email series templates to introduce yourself to new subscribers and start off the customer relationship on the right foot!

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