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Welcome Email Design Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Welcome Email Design Tips to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Welcome emails have a soft spot in our hearts. Readers open them more than almost any other email—with average open rates reported at 50% or higher—and they’re a brand’s very first introduction to readers. You may remember we’ve talked about welcome email design before, but since then, we’ve received hundreds more welcome emails from all kinds of brands.

Today, we’ve picked some of our favorite welcome emails to show you. Each one is well-designed, reinforcing the respective brand’s value proposition and giving readers a warm welcome (and reason to click). We hope you enjoy ogling these messages as much as we did. Read on and get inspired to experiment with your own welcome emails!

Welcome email #1: Allbirds

Subject: Welcome to the flock

allbirds welcome email design tips

This Allbirds email stands out for its streamlined elegance. The hero image flows seamlessly into a short letter portion of the message, which continues to flow seamlessly into a carefully curated photo collage. The text is large with ample spacing, and the illustrated hand and shoe photos at the edges give the email a playful, fresh vibe. Notably, there aren’t layers of text: no header and subheader here; no navigation menu, either. Removing any bold summary statement for the body text leaves readers to read, well, just the body text.

Design to love:

  • Beautiful custom photography with text overlay
  • Simplicity: only one CTA, no extra headers, no nav menu, no content dividers or wasted space
  • Playful infusion of artwork around body text
  • That millennial pink is irresistible

Welcome email #2: Studio DIY

Subject: Hey Girl, Heyyyyy!

studio diy welcome email design tips

We love that this welcome email shows you exactly what to expect from Studio DIY. One email is all it takes, and we immediately know: the brand voice and tone (fun, playful, youthful), what to expect from the newsletter (freebies, crafty content), and how grateful Studio DIY is for the sign-up.

Design to love:

Welcome email #3: ZocDoc

Subject: Welcome to ZocDoc!

zocdoc welcome email design tips

The Zocdoc app helps you find doctors nearby. We like that this email doesn’t have any frills but still looks great. The full-bleed CTA button is easy to tap on mobile, and the boxed effect (using HTML gray as a background color around the white body of the message) really works for an all-text message like this one. And, the text is kept to a minimum, which makes the email short and effective.

Design to love:

  • Limited-width “boxed” effect draws eyes toward text
  • CTA button passes the squint test and is designed for mobile
  • No space is wasted

Welcome email #4: Rover

Subject: Welcome to Rover!

rover welcome email design tips

When you sign up for Rover‘s mailing list, the brand’s value proposition is the first thing you’ll read in the welcome email. Reminding readers about your brand and the problem you’re solving for them is exactly the point of welcome emails. And with this Rover email, you can’t miss it. The cute puppy picture doesn’t hurt, either. What’s also great about this email? It uses a personalized first name greeting. If you collect name data during signup, putting it to use immediately in the welcome email is a smart idea.

Design to love:

  • The value proposition is the first thing readers see
  • Personalized greeting cuts through the noise
  • Sign-off from “The Rover Team” reinforces the personal feel

Welcome email #5: Caviar

Subject: Welcome to Caviar!

caviar welcome email design tips

With its vibrant color scheme, this welcome email from Caviar (the food delivery app) is hard to miss. Using a bold color as the background means text and illustration benefits from being streamlined. As a result, all-white text and icons pop with contrast, without clashing with the orange. Even the photos are well chosen. The hero image has orange tones within it, but the mostly white bowl makes the details of the food easy to discern. Brava, Caviar. We’re hungry!

Design to love:

  • A bold HTML background color with contrasting live text
  • Ample spacing between lines of text, images, and modules
  • Hi-res images coupled with a pared-down color scheme

Welcome email #6: Travel & Leisure

Subject: Welcome to T+L!

travel + leisure welcome email design tips

At over 800 pixels wide, this welcome email from Travel + Leisure is wider than most. And we can see why. These stunning landscape images deserve the screen. Leading with photography makes sense for a brand like T+L, which operates in an industry that must show readers where to travel next. You can’t just describe a white sand beach; your readers have got to see it. While the email is far from customized—suggested cities like NYC, Paris, San Francisco, and London are pretty generic—its simplicity is effective.

Design to love:

Welcome email #7: My Little Paris

Subject: Welcome to the Frenchest year of your life

my little paris welcome email design tips

My Little Paris is a newsletter about all things French. There’s nothing fancy about this welcome email. Compared to others, there’s more text. But, it’s also sweet and short, and it’s representative of what readers can expect in future newsletters.

Design to love:

  • A single CTA makes the email simple to click
  • The hero illustration is whimsical, chic, and humorous—all very on-brand
  • Plain text makes this welcome-friendly for spam filters

Welcome email #8: Snapchat

Subject: Welcome to Snapchat!

snapchat welcome email design tips

Snapchat is so ubiquitous now that the brand does little to explain itself or its mission. Still, this welcome email says a lot about the brand. And, it focuses readers on the first and most important step by cutting right to the chase. The brand shows an email can be basic while still retaining a sense of fun.

Design to love:

  • Bands of HTML yellow along the top and bottom brighten and brand the email
  • The live text is large, easy to read, and direct
  • You can’t miss that CTA button!

Welcome email #9: Belletrist

Subject: A note from Emma + Karah

belletrist welcome email design tips

This welcome from Belletrist, the book-centric newsletter, is different from the others we’ve included but still worth noting. We love that the email confirms the brand’s value proposition right away, in list format. And in lieu of photography or imagery, the HTML blue goes a long way in making this email stand out. The whole email also feels like it came from an actual person—or two people, actually—instead of from a robot or faceless brand. Sometimes, going the personal route makes more sense for a brand, especially one that’s smaller and community-oriented. While this message was visually plain, we like what it achieved.

Design to love:

  • That fixed-width approach works great with bright, bold blue
  • The easy option to unsubscribe presents the brand as honest and transparent
  • The email is personal, playful, and sweet

Welcome email #10: Brooklinen

Subject: You’re in!

brooklinen welcome email design tips

We couldn’t wrap up this list of welcome emails without a cute pet GIF. Here you are:

brooklinen welcome email design tips

But seriously, this email from Brooklinen does a lot to show readers what the brand is all about: simplicity and quality, with a dose of humor. The email also shows you don’t always need to invest in custom art to create a highly effective email.

Design to love:

  • Irresistible crowdsourced GIF for the win
  • Straightforward messaging that’s easy to read and act on

Feeling inspired with welcome emails?

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