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Use Mailchimp? Gain more email design freedom with BEE Pro

Use Mailchimp? Gain more email design freedom with BEE Pro

Gain more design freedom for you Mailchimp-powered email marketing by leveraging BEE Pro, a no-code email and landing page design suite.

Why have thousands of businesses used BEE Pro with their Mailchimp account? The reason lies in the extreme design freedom provided by BEE Pro’s visual builder:

  • add and remove columns to any row in the design
  • granularly control spacing, padding, borders, for virtually any content element
  • switch to Mobile Design Mode to create content directly in mobile view
  • and much more.

Another reason why people love using BEE Pro with Mailchimp is that they can start from over 1,400 email and landing page templates, professionally designed by over 30 designers from around the world.

In addition, strong collaboration features help get the design right, fast. For example, comments can be added at the individual content element level, directly in the visual builder, mentioning other users that are immediately notified.

When the email is ready to go, the Mailchimp connector – available on all BEE Pro plans, including the Free plan – makes it seamless to export the design to Mailchimp with just a couple of clicks.

If you need more design flexibility, BEE Pro is a fantastic email builder for Mailchimp.

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Massimo Arrigoni

Massimo is the CEO of BEE, a business unit of Growens focused on democratizing content design. BEE’s visual builders for email, pages & popups are available at beefree.io and embedded into 600+ SaaS applications, including 40% of Gartner’s quadrant for multichannel marketing platforms. Massimo has 20+ years of product experience in software and is an expert in product-led growth.