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Tutorial: How to Use BEE Mailchimp Connector

Tutorial: How to Use BEE Mailchimp Connector

With more than 15 million users, Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms in the world. Known for its high-quality email marketing and automation services, Mailchimp offers a variety of tools for you to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Some of the features include a Content Optimizer and Customer Journey builder, and an effective and easy-to-use email editor. So, why are Mailchimp users adopting BEE Pro to design their emails instead of using the built-in editor?

BEE Pro and Mailchimp Are The Perfect Pair

Currently, 20% of all BEE Pro users use Mailchimp to send their emails. We were curious about what made us the perfect pair, so we asked a few of you to share your experience.  

The main key factor was the additional design flexibility they found when using the BEE Pro editor. BEE Pro is a drag-and-drop email and landing page editor that allows you to quickly design emails from scratch or choose from 1,300+ professionally designed templates. BEE Pro allows users to create customizable, responsive HTML emails and export them to Mailchimp to send to email subscribers. 

The design flexibility of the BEE Pro builder paired with Mailchimp’s automation services makes the perfect pair to help you grow and nurture your email list.  

BEE Pro drag-and-drop email editor

Step-By-Step Guide: Exporting Your Email to Mailchimp

Any email designed in BEE Pro can be exported to Mailchimp, including ones you build from scratch and ones created from our customizable templates. Watch our video below for the simplest way to get your email from BEE to Mailchimp; then, follow our clear written guide.

Step 1: Connect Mailchimp in BEE

Log into your BEE Pro account and go to the Settings menu.

BEE Free workspace

Click the Connectors section and install the Mailchimp connection.

BEE Pro integrationsconnecting your Mailchimp account to BEE ProOnce you select Connect, a window will appear where you can enable the connector by entering your Mailchimp account credentials. Make sure to “Allow” BEE Pro to connect.

connection with BEE Pro to Mailchimp

And that’s it! You’re connected.

Mailchimp connected in BEE Pro

Step 2: Export Your Email to Mailchimp.

Now that your BEE Pro and Mailchimp account are connected you can navigate all of your projects, collaborate with team members, and export emails all within a few minutes.

When your email is ready to be sent, click on the Export button on the Email Details page.

Exporting emails on BEE Pro

Select “Push to your sending system.”

push to your sending system

A new window will be displayed with the connector list. Select Mailchimp and “create” a template.

display of connector list

After that, your email will be exported to your Mailchimp account under your Campaign Lists.

BEE Pro templates in Mailchimp


Step 3: Access Your Email in Mailchimp Templates.

Once your BEE Pro email is in your Templates Folder in Mailchimp, you can send it directly to your audience or continue editing using the Mailchimp Design and Code Editor

In the Mailchimp Design Editor, you can make minor edits to the text, buttons, and URLs. If you would like to make any other changes, such as images or messaging structure, we recommend you use the BEE Pro builder to make use of the drag-and-drop feature.

Go Pro and Send Any BEE Email With Mailchimp!

And there you have it! With just a few clicks, it is easier than ever to design emails with BEE Pro and then export them to MailChimp for sending and tracking. 

BEE Pro is built to give marketers total control when it comes to bringing their email design to life. This is what makes BEE Pro such a great design tool and why it pairs so well with Mailchimp.  

If you’re not already using BEE Pro, sign-up for a BEE Pro Free Plan. Read more about the Connector feature here.

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