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Tutorial: How to Use the BEE Gmail Connector

Tutorial: How to Use the BEE Gmail Connector

Not so long ago, we made an exciting announcement: Thanks to a new connector feature in BEE, any email designed in the BEE editor can be exported seamlessly to Mailchimp. Now, you can export your beautiful, custom email designs into Gmail.

The new Gmail connector lets you design any email in BEE, then move the fully-designed email over to Gmail drafts in a matter of clicks. It’s easy, and we know this is going to be a super useful tool for many of our users.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it.

First: Why use BEE Pro with Gmail?

We want to give users just as much control and flexibility over sending and tracking emails as they have with designing them in the BEE editor.

Our users know that BEE  is one of the most dynamic email editors around. The drag-and-drop editor makes email assembly easy, and granular control on padding, spacing, buttons, and borders allows you to make extremely precise design adjustments. In other words: in BEE, it’s fast and easy to build an email that looks exactly how you want it.

Now that we have connectors with Gmail and Mailchimp, two of the most popular and powerful email service providers around, you can design any email in our editor!

Step-by-Step Guide: Exporting your email to Gmail

Step 1: Connect to Gmail in BEE

First, log into your BEE Pro account and go to the Settings menu.

BEE Gmail Connector

Scroll down to the Connectors section, and click to install the Gmail connection. (Note: You can easily connect to MailChimp at the same time, too—here’s our quick tutorial on how to do it.)

BEE Gmail Connector

As soon as you select Install, the connector is available for use! Next, you’ll choose which Google account to connect to. Click View Settings.

BEE Gmail Connector
In the following window, select Connect my Google Account.
BEE Gmail Connector

Choose the account you’d like BEE to connect to by clicking on it.

BEE Gmail Connector

Last, make sure you allow BEE to connect with the account you chose.

BEE Gmail Connector

Et voilá! You’re now connected. Any email design you create in BEE Pro can be exported and sent via Gmail.

You’ll also receive an email from Google confirming the connection has been made.

Step 2: Export your email to Gmail

Now that BEE Pro can communicate with your Google account, start exporting any designs. Here’s how.

First, go to the design you want to export. Navigate to Projects, view the list of messages within any project, and select the email you’d like to push to Gmail.

On the Message details page, click on the Export to ESP drop-down menu and select Gmail.

BEE Gmail Connector

Press Continue to push your BEE-designed email to Gmail.

BEE Gmail Connector

In a few seconds, your message will arrive in your Gmail drafts folder.

Step 3: Access your email in Gmail and send!

Open your Gmail inbox. Go to your drafts folder. Your BEE email will be the most recent one.

BEE Gmail Connector

Simply customize the subject line and update the To field, and send as you normally would. Yes, it’s that easy.

Go Pro and send any BEE email with Gmail!

If you’re not already using BEE, sign-up for a BEE Pro free trial to check it out and enjoy the new Gmail connector.

We’ll be releasing more connectors soon, so if you have any questions, let us know!

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