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Top Email Design Trends to Look For in 2020

Top Email Design Trends to Look For in 2020

Believe it or not, 2020 is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start looking ahead to the top email design trends we’re going to see next year. By analyzing some trends we’ve seen in 2019, you can get a jump start on 2020 now and focus on crafting an email design strategy that will help you see more results from your email marketing efforts.

#1. Videos in emails

Video content is only becoming more popular, and integrating video content into your email design can help entice more clicks and a higher open rate. In fact, a study showed that simply using the word “video” in your email subject line can boost your open rate by 19% and your click-through rate by 65%. Videos are easily shareable and can save time, quickly imparting important information to the viewer.

Not all major email platforms support video playback within emails; Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo, for instance, are on the no-go list. So don’t embed a video in your email. Instead, create a thumbnail image and use the image as a clickable link leading to the video on your website (here’s how to do this with BEE). Here, design tool Framer created a video case study highlighting one of their clients.

Subject: Video story: Why Booking.com turned to Framer X

video email example

#2. User generated content

User generated content isn’t just for social media — one of the top email design trends we’re seeing now is that UGC is great for emails, too. Include five-star reviews you’ve received or images from customers. To source photos, create your own hashtag like Pottery Barn Kids did here, encouraging customers to share photos on social media. Then, pick some of the best images to share in your emails, remembering to give credit to the original photographer.

Subject line: Share your #lovemypbk moments with us!

user generated content email

#3. AI and machine learning

The role of artificial intelligence in creating emails is picking up speed. AI and machine learning algorithms can help write emails that are tailored to each individual subscriber based on how that subscriber has behaved in the past. This email from Frank And Oak, for example, has a personalized subject line that’s most likely based on the recipient’s past interactions with the company. 

However, even though it’s almost 2020, don’t rely too much on artificial intelligence — humans are still necessary, too, making sure your emails sound personal.

Subject line: Kelly, is that what you were looking for?

personalized email

#4. Technology and accessibility

More and more often, we’re noticing that the best html emails have technology embedded with design. Intelligent design means your subscribers can do what you want them to do without leaving the email — for instance, take a survey right in their inbox.

Something that fits in here and that’s also very important to focus on is accessibility — making emails easily readable for individuals who have disabilities (whether those are physical disabilities such as low vision, or cognitive/neurological disabilities). Email accessibility can be simple (such as making your font sizes a little bigger) or can get into more complex methods. 

Subject line: ? Ebook: the ultimate guide to email accessibility

accessible email

#5. Interactivity and feedback 

Focus on creating interactive email experiences for your followers. Interactive emails are more convenient than traditional emails, as they let your subscribers engage with you right in the email. 

Interactive emails are also a great way to get feedback from your customers. Asking for feedback doesn’t have to be pushy, awkward, or unnatural — you can still create beautiful, well-worded emails that your audience wants to read and respond to.

Subject line: We’d love your feedback!

interactive emails asking for feedback

#6. Animation and APNG images

Last but not least on the list of top email design trends: GIF’s and CSS animation. Not only does movement get people’s attention, but animation can be a fun way to set your brand apart and create a unique brand image. Use APNG images instead of GIF’s, as APNG files are a higher quality than GIF files.

Here, Envelopes.com created a cute animation of a wiggling Santa hat perched on top of an envelope. As you integrate more animation into your emails, remember that less is more and stick to one primary animation per email.

Subject line: ?? Just a few hours left for Christmas in July: Reveal the deal!

email animation

Wrap-up: Stay on top of trends in 2020

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PS: This article was honorably included in the famous annual Future of Email Marketing & Automation overview, the 2020 edition. Definitely worth checking out if you are a trend hungry email marketer, looking for predictions from several other industry experts.

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