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The Best E-Commerce Landing Page Examples

The Best E-Commerce Landing Page Examples

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that about 57% of consumers plan to shop online this holiday season alone. This is a major increase from the mere 30% back in 2010.

Preparing your e-commerce business for the online rush is a different playing field than in-store retail. E-commerce landing pages play a huge role in preparing for the influx of online visitors and purchasing customers during the busy season just as a storefront would for in-store retail. 

E-commerce landing pages provide a first impression to customers by showcasing what your business has to offer. This drives customer interest and leaves them with a decision of whether or not they want to purchase from your business. 

Making your first impression memorable comes down to the design for your landing page. Let’s run through benefits, strategy tips, and some examples of what the best e-commerce landing pages look like. 


What is an e-commerce landing page?

An e-commerce landing page is an independent web page that visitors “land” on after clicking on a link from an ad, email, social media, or another marketing-related channel. E-commerce landing pages are designed to achieve one focused goal, and that goal is usually to initiate a purchase. 

Oftentimes, e-commerce landing pages are designed to intrigue customers and push them to purchase. To successfully do that, they should include a bold CTA, direct headlines, high-quality images, short copy and reviews or testimonials to exhibit social proof. 


E-commerce landing pages vs product pages

Now that we understand what an e-commerce landing page is, it’s helpful to understand how these pages differ from a more detailed e-commerce page like the product page.  

Here’s a brief rundown of those differences:

E-commerce Landing Pages

  • One clear, main CTA
  • Copy targets audience to achieve one goal
  • No website navigation; only covers one specific topic
  • Targeted product descriptions

Product Pages

  • Multiple clear CTAs
  • Initiates website navigation and access to additional content
  • Created for multiple audiences that can navigate to different pages
  • Optimized for SEO purposes

The main difference between these pages is that an e-commerce landing page elicits a direct action (which drives conversions) and the product page initiates more browsing. 


Benefits of an e-commerce landing page

E-commerce landing pages are the link that guides customers from a social post or ad to making their purchase. While designing an e-commerce landing page might seem intimidating, the benefits of using them are well worth your time:

  • Opportunity for A/B testing. Test different CTA colors, copy and other elements to see what best reaches your customers. A/B testing your landing pages is also a great chance to implement new ideas.
  • Strengthening connections with your target audience. Find what elements appeal to your customers most. Do they prefer humorous copy? Colorful, big CTAs? Pinpoint what elements they’re enjoying and continue to create with those details in mind.
  • Increasing ROIs for paid traffic. Visitors click on your social content or ads in hopes that you’ll answer a question they have or meet their needs somehow. E-commerce landing pages are the immediate answer to their questions and needs.


Strategy for your e-commerce landing pages

There are many types of e-commerce landing pages that you should design to promote to customers at different stages in their buyer’s journey. You should have landing pages that are personalized to reach:

  • First-time visitors
  • Visitors that have deeply explored your website 
  • Customers who recently made a purchase and make their way back to your website

Here are some ideas for your e-commerce landing pages at every stage of the buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness/Interest. Benefits of your product or service, reviews or testimonials to prove credibility, your brand story.
  • Consideration. More in-depth info about products/services, exclusive offers or anything that creates more urgency.
  • Purchase. Similar product/service suggestions (“Typically bought together”), promo code to finalize their purchase.
  • Post-purchase/Re-purchase. Write a review and receive a freebie, sneak peeks, customer loyalty club deals. 

Being mindful of which stage you send specific e-commerce landing pages to your customers gives you a greater chance for conversions. Implement these types of landing pages into your next campaign. 


5 examples of the best e-commerce landing pages 

Now that we’ve got an overview of e-commerce landing page benefits and strategy best practices, let’s get into some examples of e-commerce landing pages that we find intriguing and have pushed customers to move along in their buyer’s journey.


landing page exampleWhat works:

  • Prioritized main CTA
  • Images drive their mission and values as a brand
  • Clear, concise copy (headline and benefits)

Try this e-commerce landing page template for a similar feel:


Pela Case

landing page example

What works:

  • Fun imagery to intrigue a specific audience
  • Focused CTA
  • Minimal copy

Try this e-commerce landing page template for a similar feel:



landing page example

What works:

  • Simple sign-up form
  • Humorous imagery
  • Concise headline that drives their mission

Try this e-commerce landing page template for a similar feel:



landing page example

What works:

  • Simplistic layout that matches the message
  • Bold, crisp coloring
  • Eye-catching visuals 

Try this e-commerce landing page template for a similar feel:



landing page example

What works:

  • Direct CTA telling visitors exactly what they’ll receive with sign-up
  • Intriguing colors and imagery
  • Simple sign-up form

Try this e-commerce landing page template for a similar feel:


Design your e-commerce landing page with BEE Pro

Digging these examples? Use them as inspiration as you start designing your e-commerce landing page with BEE Pro. Implement some of the design features like a clear CTA, bold headline and concise copy so your e-commerce landing pages reel in the purchases. 

If you’re not feeling the do-it-yourself route, let us do the legwork for you and start designing from one of our professional page templates for e-commerce

Last note, for freelancers and small businesses, if you’re in need of a custom domain for your e-commerce landing page, try BEE’s custom domain feature. Customize your published e-commerce landing page domain (Agency + Enterprise plans) for a more on-brand experience. 


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