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The BEE Guide to E-Commerce Email Marketing

The BEE Guide to E-Commerce Email Marketing

If you’re an e-commerce brand and you aren’t focusing on email as a primary marketing channel, you’re missing out! Almost everybody (92 percent of internet users) has an email account, and email marketing has a huge ROI — so e-commerce email marketing is a must for your business. Let’s walk through the best ways to create an on-brand e-commerce email series and, in turn, help your e-commerce company grow.

How to create an on-brand e-commerce email series

Before you can get down to the nitty-gritty of designing each email, you need to have an overall strategy for your e-commerce email marketing. Part of that strategy includes defining the types of emails you want to include and mapping out the order in which you’ll send them. From welcome emails for new customers to sales emails for longtime fans, here are a few kinds of e-commerce emails you’ll want to consider:

Templates for each of these emails are available with BEE’s e-commerce email templates. Since these are emails you may be sending again and again, it’s helpful to have templates to refer back to each time you need to write an email.

Here are a few tips for each type of email as you kick off your e-commerce email marketing efforts.

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#1. Welcome customer

As an e-commerce business, you live or die according to how many customers have opted in — so when a new customer signs up, thank them and provide something of value to prove they won’t regret their decision. A good welcome customer email should thank the customer for signing up and lay out a few next steps, such as setting up an account or finishing an order; you could even offer a 10% off welcome coupon like Bulk Bookstore does here. BEE’s welcome customer e-commerce email template provides an easy way to fill in your message and then send to new customers.

Subject line: Here’s your $10 welcome coupon

welcome email example with discount code

#2. Store categories

Your customers have signed up for your emails and they’re slowly getting more familiar with your brand. Point them where they need to go by sending a store categories email that lists the different categories of products you sell in your e-commerce store. This type of e-commerce email provides a good opportunity to play with visuals, such as beautiful product photos (which you can drag-and-drop into this BEE store categories template) to serve as calls to action for each category.

Subject line: Shop categories

product category email example

#3. Abandoned cart

Abandoned cart emails are a must-have in any e-commerce email marketing strategy. Each year, customers abandon approximately $4.6 trillion worth of merchandise — and by sending a solid abandoned cart email, you can get some of those sales back. Customers often abandon their carts without meaning to; maybe they got interrupted or the website crashed. So a good abandoned cart email can give them a nudge in the right direction. You can use BEE’s abandoned cart template to remind your customers of the exact products they left in their cart, provide a CTA button or link that will let them immediately continue shopping, and then offer for your support team to help complete the process if needed. 

#4. Browsing products

Browsing emails (see BEE’s browsing products template here) are similar to abandoned cart emails, but not the same — a browsing product email is sent after a customer has been looking through your website but has not bought anything, whereas an abandoned cart email is sent after the customer has actually put something in their cart. A browsing product email should display the products the person was looking at and, if relevant, offer any coupons or discount codes they could apply to those products. Thank them for stopping by and invite them to continue shopping. You can also include a section of products titled “You might also like…” in addition to re-highlighting the products they’ve already seen.

Subject line: PSA: we’d like to thank you with up to 40% off closet favorites

browsing product email

#5. Order notification

Once your customer makes an order, you need to send them a confirmation email that says thank you, lists the products they bought, and explains any next steps (“You’ll receive an email when your order ships” or “Please leave us a review”). This email provides a lot of valuable information to your customers; it should include all of the personal information they gave you (shipping address, payment method, etc.) so they can let you know if anything is incorrect. You can also use BEE’s order notification template to add an extra section at the bottom of the email, recommending other products your customer might love based on their recent purchase.

Subject line: Your Society6 Order # Confirmation

order confirmation email

#6. Shipping confirmation

After your customer has ordered their product, it will ship a few days later, and you need to notify them the package is on the way. A shipping confirmation email (BEE’s customizable template works for any industry) should include the estimated delivery date, a receipt listing what was included in the purchase, and a tracking number. You can throw some extra promo into this email, too, because at this stage in the process your customer is excited and feeling lots of anticipation about what’s to come — so they may be more likely to opt-in to something further. One approach we like is to encourage the customer to purchase a gift for a friend or family member.

#7. Promo code

The final type of e-commerce email marketing template we’re going to discuss is the promo code email. This type of email provides a discount code for your subscribers (and it’s effective — 70% of consumers said they used an email discount code within the last week). Make sure to personalize your promotions according to your segmented email lists so customers only receive discounts that are relevant to them. Like Expedia did here, include the exact discount in the subject line so people know exactly what they’re getting before opening the email. And keep your promo code itself short and sweet (“50TODAY” instead of “MYT-567-XB-002”). Use BEE’s promo code template to easily create your promotional email, saving time so you can focus on the important things like making sales.

Subject line: FIFTY PERCENT OFF…we owe you major discounts

promo code email example

Wrap-up: Final e-commerce tips

You’ve got a great product to sell, and the world needs to know about it. By following these tips and taking advantage of BEE’s easy-to-use e-commerce email templates, you can create the kind of ongoing audience engagement that leads to conversions — and success!

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