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10 Sizzling Summer Emails Heating Up Design

10 Sizzling Summer Emails Heating Up Design

This year’s summer emails are making a splash! From bold colors to inventive animations to curious CTA buttons, the designs are whimsical and fresh. Here are 10 of our favorites to inspire you. Enjoy!

Madewell: A mysterious CTA button

A dash of mystery can go a long way. Madewell doesn’t often send emails like this, so the cryptic message really stood out when it came through. We clicked!

Madewell summer emails

Sudara: Header-to-footer fun

See those drippy drops in Sudara’s hero image? Look how they “drip” down to the menu below, too!

Sudara summer emails

BTW, that hero image is animated! It’s perfect for summer.

Sudara summer emails

Bloomingdale’s: Playful words and layout

Barbecues, beach days, lazy beach afternoons… summertime vacation means time to live the simple life. I mean, the sample life. Bloomingdale’s play on words is perfect for summer, and this email has a gorgeous layout, too. (We trimmed it because it was pretty long.)

Bloomingdale's summer emails

Urban Outfitters: A unique %-off hero image

Having a big sale this summer? Most brands are. We’ve seen plenty of go-to, simple hero images depicting discounts in large fonts. But Urban Outfitters had fun with this origami-inspired style that breaks the mold.

Urban Outfitters summer emails

theSkimm: A celebratory CTA

theSkimm newsletter just turned 5 years old! To celebrate, they created two celebratory GIFs: one as the hero image…’

theSkimm summer emails

…and another as a CTA button!

theSkimm summer emails

Even though the CTA is not bulletproof, we’ve gotta say, this caught our eye.

Tarte: Emoji-happy pre-header and pool party GIF

Tarte sent a pool party-themed promotion email, a celebration that started at the pre-header text and continued to the splash-right-in GIF that followed.Tarte summer emails

Tarte summer emails

Uppercase: A full-bleed, dynamic hero image

We’ve caught a few brands sending beautiful, large hero images that fluidly scale to the size of the screen. The brands are likely bypassing media queries and coding with fluid-width percentages. The look is stunning, as seen in this example from Uppercase.Uppercase summer emails

Rent the Runway: Rainbow bright

Why send the top five or 10 dresses when you can send 30, arranged perfectly to follow the colors of the rainbow?! What an eye-catching example of product display from Rent the Runway.

Rent the Runway summer emails

Blue Mercury: Out-of-the-box content dividers

Sometimes white space will do the trick; other times a simple line will do. But Blue Mercury’s splashy turquoise flourishes are a fresh take on content division.

Blue Mercury summer emails

Chubbies: Clever copy to drive clicks

Okay, this email made us smile (as Chubbies emails often do). It just goes to show how some clever copy goes a long way.

Chubbies summer emails

Have you sent some summer emails you’re proud of? Send them our way!

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