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3 Spellbinding Ideas for Your Halloween Email Design

3 Spellbinding Ideas for Your Halloween Email Design

Boo! It’s the time of year for ghosts and ghouls, jack-o-lanterns, and candy corn. Our inbox is overflowing with Halloween emails, and we’re in the spooky spirit! If you haven’t nailed down your Halloween email design yet, don’t fret. We sized up all the witchy ways brands are celebrating the holiday this year and found three hot email design trends for you to try. They’re fang-tastic.

#1: Plot out custom illustration that frights and delights

We love a good email illustration. From icons to hand-drawn text, illustrations often give emails a friendly, custom vibe. We caught quite a few brands using awesome illustrations in their Halloween emails. Here’s a look.

Vice: Lead story hero image design

How cute are these Halloween prank illustrations from Vice? The red, black, and white color scheme unites them together along with the rest of the email, and the watercolor-and-ink look is super sharp.

Vice Halloween Email Design

Vogue Daily: Unexpected header additions

Vogue Daily‘s header doesn’t typically come with illustrations on either side, but adding these cat-and-pumpkin pictures makes this email feel extra festive and sweet.

Vogue Daily Halloween Email Design

Pop Sugar: Special feature module

This “dedicated” email from Pop Sugar is sponsored by H&M. The illustrative lead module meticulously arranges cute Halloween costume items with H&M’s logo and a CTA button. The style is youthful and sweet, which aligns perfectly with the selection of kids’ costumes featured on the landing page.

Pop Sugar Halloween Email Design

Atlas Obscura: A hero image with flat design

The fresh, modern illustration style and colors used to render these gravestones prove Halloween emails don’t all need to be black and orange. We love how Atlas Obscura breaks the mold with this illustration, which perfectly matches the voice of the email.

Atlas Obscura Halloween Email Design

#2: Cast spellbinding GIFs that jump out in sight

We’ve written before about how brands put animated GIFs in their back pockets until a special holiday or promotion comes along. It’s smart! When animation is used sparingly and intentionally, it’s more likely to capture readers’ attention. In a way, Halloween is all about dressing up. So why not dress up your emails, too? GIFs are a fun way to show your spirit.

Urban Outfitters: Spooky smoke signals

It takes a second to catch the spelled-out “HALLOWEEN” text that appears in the background. Playing tricks with the eye makes this GIF—and Urban Outfitters email!— fun to look at.

Urban Outfitters Halloween Email Design

Sugar & Cloth: A moving inspiration board

Sugar & Cloth wants to help you make your own DIY costume. But they’re not all talk. With this double-trouble GIF that rotates between costume ideas, readers get a preview of what’s to come—and they also get inspired to click.Sugar & Cloth Halloween Email Design

Food52: Wonderful What’s Brewing? guesses

Food52 wants you to know how much fun you can have with this pumpkin pot. The overflowing dry ice is mesmerizing to watch, showing the action in a way a photo just wouldn’t be able to capture fully.

Food52 Halloween Email Design

Rent the Runway: Simple animated text

This clever GIF kicks off a recent email from Rent the Runway. The act of underlining probably isn’t the first thing that would come to your mind for an animation, but that’s exactly why we love this! Animating text is a great way to add a little movement to your email in an unexpected way. And, hey, it’s a great, simple GIF to make during a time crunch.

Rent the Runway Halloween Email Design

Tattly: A playful product display

Sure, Tattly could have put product images of its cute Halloween-themed temporary tattoos on rotation. But instead, like Sugar & Cloth, the brand got playful with these fun and funny models. This helps to inspire (hey, I wouldn’t have thought to put a tattoo on my palm!) and make readers smile.

Tattly Halloween Email Design

#3: Brew up boo-tiful background colors other than white

We’ve said it once; we’ve said it twice; we’ll say it again: we love white space in email! Ah, when each module has space to breathe, and each design element can shine, an email really looks good. However, all that space doesn’t necessarily have to be, well, white. HTML background colors are a great way to easily add color behind text, images, modules, or even your whole email. You can also use ’em to create a boxed effect. But one thing we noticed in Halloween emails is how beautiful background colors are being used behind entire emails. Here’s what we mean.

Oh Happy Day: Trendy millennial pink

The modules in this Oh Happy Day email form a gradient: the first one is the palest shade of pink, the second one is slightly darker, and the third is the darkest. It’s a clever and super simple trick that looks gorgeous. Why stick to a single background color when you can play within a palette? The email also proves that millennial pink works for any occasion.

Oh Happy Day Halloween Email Design

Paperless Post: Collage-style colors

The placement of images, text, and colors makes this Paperless Post email look almost like a cut-and-paste paper collage. It’s stunning. The brown-and-pink color scheme is really effective alongside the vintage images, too. Call us inspired!

Paperless Post Halloween Email DesignWrap-up: Try these tricks for your Halloween email design

Want to cast a friendly spell on your own email design? Here are a few special email design tricks:

  1. Plot out custom illustration that frights and delights
  2. Cast spellbinding GIFs that jump out in sight
  3. Brew up boo-tiful background colors other than white

Other Halloween email design ideas:

Please let us know if we missed any ingredients to add to the cauldron! And remember that it’s easy to execute any one of these design tricks in our own BEE editor. Just take these techniques and make them your own: try BEE Pro for free! You can build modular designs easily with drag-and-drop functionality, and all your designs will be mobile responsive (no coding needed). We even have a collection of Halloween email templates. Give it a go! Good luck, and Happy Halloween!

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