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Simple Email Template: 5 Benefits for Your Business

Simple Email Template: 5 Benefits for Your Business

There’s no need to get fancy with your marketing efforts — simplicity is a good thing. Consumers actually will pay more for a simple brand experience, and if a brand has a clear proposal that saves the consumer time, 61% of consumers will recommend that brand.

How does this apply to email marketing? Using simple email templates can help you be consistent in your design and see business benefits. Let’s take a look at some benefits that simple emails provide and discuss how you can create simple email campaigns that are visually consistent and effective in winning conversions. 

#1. Simple emails get the point across

People are busy. People also get a lot of emails — the average office worker receives 121 emails each day, and with attention spans shortening, each email only receives a few seconds of scrutiny. You don’t have a lot of time or space to grab somebody’s attention, so the key is to get your point across as fast as possible, and that’s where a simple email template can help.

You can explain the main proposition of an email quickly by having a descriptive subject line that clearly explains what’s in the email, by not including any extraneous details in the body copy, and by designing the email in a simple email template builder so that the most important information is easy to read. Case in point: HelloFresh recently sent this email that offered $80 off right up front before proceeding to the other, less essential parts of the message.

Subject line: Fresh tips for fall (+ get $80 off)

simple email template example

#2. Simple emails create a connection

In many ways, email marketing is all about connection: creating a relationship between you and your subscribers. And by sending simple, stripped-down emails, you can bring that connection out like never before. Here, nonprofit Heifer International reached out to its subscribers and donors with a thank-you email. The design of the email focused on just one image, an infographic, with a sentence of copy at the beginning and end. The email wasn’t long or overstuffed; instead, it was just enough, effectively making donors feel valued and appreciated. (Nonprofits, check out these editable email templates made just for you.)

Subject line: Cowculate your impact, Bee

simple email that creates connection

#3. Simple emails make consistency easy

It’s essential that your branding stays consistent; after all, the whole point of a branding strategy is making sure your customers recognize you, and they won’t be able to do that if your branding keeps changing. But if you’re sending out multiple emails a week, it can be hard to nail the same brand voice and remember to use the same colors every time. By creating simple emails that don’t have a lot of elements, it’s easier to be consistent with your branding, equaling better brand awareness and customer retention. 

An html email template builder (like this one) can be a huge help as you create simple yet consistently beautiful emails. Building an email from scratch every time means you’re more likely to make mistakes and not be consistent, but an editable email template that allows you to fill in the elements you want, then save it for use in the future. A simple email template can help you be consistent and forge a stronger bond with your customers. With an editable template builder, you can start with a template like the one below, and swap out colors, logos, fonts and text as needed.

Template: Welcome customer (e-commerce set)

#4. Simple emails load faster

Remember, people have short attention spans — in fact, the human attention span is the lowest it’s ever been. Fancy email templates are nice, but they often don’t load as quickly, so a simple email template that loads fast will mean readers are less likely to get impatient and click away.

In addition to loading quickly, simple emails should be pleasant to read once they’ve been opened, with a newsletter width of around 600px and a responsive template that’s mobile-friendly. You can also use a tool such as Litmus to test your emails and see how they’ll look across different email providers. 

#5. Simple emails win conversions

GIFs, quizzes, and confetti are fun, but do you really need them? No — at least, not in every email you send. By creating a simple email that’s easy to read and easy to follow, you’re making it easy for your readers to take action. Simple emails are very direct and that makes it easier to urge subscribers to click the CTA.

Consider this email from Nike advertising an offer giving shoppers $30 off. The email didn’t include any irrelevant information or unnecessary details; instead, the company used just one graphic and then one paragraph of copy to concisely explain the deal and point toward the CTA. By creating emails that are similarly simple and stripped down, you can elicit a response from your readers and gain conversions!

Subject line: Last call to save $30

simple email that gets conversions

Wrap up: Use a simple email template to do more

The bottom line is that simple emails can do complicated things — like improving your open rate and earning conversions from readers. Use BEE’s HTML email template builder to create emails that stand out in an inbox not because of their complexity, but because of their simplicity. BEE’s simple email templates such as this store categories email template for e-commerce brands or this wireframe newsletter template can help you do more with less, and with BEE’s drag-and-drop editing features they can be easily changed to fit your needs. The sooner you can get started making your emails simpler, the better.

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