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Seasonal Landing Page Best Practices To Generate More Sales

Seasonal Landing Page Best Practices To Generate More Sales

It’s December, which means the holiday shopping season is in full swing. You might think it’s too late to start your seasonal campaigns, but there are still some moves to make to optimize last-minute shopping. One of the strongest moves is seasonal landing pages.

Designing seasonal landing pages is your best support tool to keep the momentum going through the shopping rush. These pages work to:

  1. Drive conversions
  2. Increase opportunities for personalization and segmentation
  3. Improve SEO visibility

Boost your holiday marketing campaigns with these seasonal landing page best practices. 


What is a seasonal landing page?

A seasonal landing page is similar to a regular landing page, but it specifically caters to the holiday seasons. Whether it be around Christmas or Valentine’s Day, the theme of the landing page changes but its overall purpose remains the same. 

For example, after clicking on social media links or Google ads, you will land on this holiday landing page, just as you would with a regular landing page. 

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The importance of seasonal landing pages

Creating a seasonal landing page is similar to designing a regular landing page, but just includes a specific seasonal look and exclusive holiday promotions. Here are a few benefits to implementing seasonal landing pages into your marketing campaign strategies:

  • Drive more conversions. More content in front of your target audience brings more chances to convert. 
  • Increase opportunities for personalization and segmentation. Personalized and segmented assets work to build customer trust and loyalty long term. 
  • Improve SEO visibility. Seasonal keywords will allow your assets to pop up more frequently. 

6 Seasonal Landing Page Best Practices to Generate More Sales

While seasonal landing pages are similar to regular landing pages, there are noteworthy differences. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 6 best practices for how to create the best holiday landing page. 

Implement seasonal visuals

Design your seasonal landing pages to suit the time of year, season or holiday that you’re promoting. Use festive images, GIFs and stickers to draw your audience in. Also, include a compelling CTA and copy that is commonly used around that holiday to support your landing page design.  

Template: This seasonal landing page template includes gold bows, gifts and mini pine tree visuals to promote the Christmas season. 

Give seasonal promotions

Showcasing promotions is oftentimes what gets customers to click. Make sure to get straight to the point when designing your seasonal landing page by making your deals prominent and clear for customers to see. 

Template: This seasonal landing page template includes a bold promotion right when you click in. The clearly displayed 15% off is clear for customers to see which will lead to conversions faster since they know exactly what deals they’re getting for the back to school season. 

Include additional resources

Provide customers with additional resources and details in your seasonal landing pages to explain why they should buy from your brand. Give a shopping guide, additional products that go along with the collection they’re searching or even try influencer marketing to showcase video reviews or promotions to persuade customers to purchase

Template: This seasonal landing page template includes seasonal colors and animated graphics along with a couple additional resources. The video tutorial, brief guide on how to decorate eggs and the CTA that leads to the blog are all helpful resources for your audience. 

Optimize your seasonal landing page for mobile

Make sure your landing page is set to render perfectly on mobile and desktop view. BEE Pro offers a Mobile Design Mode feature where you are able to toggle between desktop and mobile view during the editing process for a faster mobile optimization process. 

Template: This seasonal landing page template includes neon copy and coloring for a unique draw-in. Customers are intrigued by the visuals and will easily view the landing page in mobile view the same as it would show up for desktop. A busy Cyber Monday has people checking sales from all their devices, so it’s necessary to have your landing pages optimized for mobile.

Keep converting simple

Make it easy for your customers to convert by simplifying your processes. Include links to Stripe or PayPal payment systems in your landing page for an easy checkout process. Holiday seasons are busy, and simplifying the process with the help of your landing page is the perfect way to drive more conversions.

Template: This seasonal landing page template includes “Buy Now” and “+” add to cart CTAs so customers head right purchasing. This reduces the friction of the busy holiday shopping time and simplifies the process overall. This template is perfect for the Valentine’s Day season. 

Showcase reviews and testimonials

A convincing holiday landing page should include clear social proof and reviews so customers are convinced to buy from your brand over the competition. Seeing good reviews front and center on a seasonal landing page is a sure way to win customers over.

Template: This seasonal landing page template provides reviews of what other customers are saying about certain items the brand sells. This New Years themed page is convincing customers with transparent social proof. 


Create Your Seasonal Landing Page with BEE Pro

Good seasonal landing pages are a solid way to increase conversions during this insanely profitable season. They serve your target audience by providing quality visuals, promotions and more to draw attention in and boost sales.

Designing a landing page doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. With BEE Pro, you’ll design faster with features like branding kits and mobile design mode to optimize processes to get your landing pages as festive as possible. This will help your business sustain momentum throughout the whole holiday season.


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