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7 School Newsletter Templates to Use This Academic Year

7 School Newsletter Templates to Use This Academic Year

Sending out weekly school newsletters sometimes feels like a meaningless task on your checklist. Are students reading these? Do parents even care to look at them?


If you have these doubts, know that leveraging your school newsletter is an essential move that will make a great impact on your overall engagement with students and parents. Education-related emails currently have an average click through rate of 12%, which means students and parents are finding this form of communication useful.


Create a digital school newsletter to stay accountable and keep in touch with students and parents. Start with a strategic approach. Brainstorm quality content like providing resources to assist students’ mental health, highlighting student achievements or including event information for your community to stay on top of all the important upcoming dates. Then, place your content into a template.


Build stronger connections and establish clear communication with your community. Implement your strategy and use these school newsletter examples as inspiration.


How to optimize text-heavy school newsletters 

Evaluating your current school newsletter design is the first crucial step towards creating a more engaging one. Is your newsletter easy to skim? Are students and parents able to consistently locate the specific information they need each week?


If you’re responding no to these questions, then you’re sending an email that’s jam-packed with great content, but formatted incorrectly. Although the text-heavy email is a great approach when it’s templated, loading an email with a block of plain text will surely lose your readers’ attention.


For example, The Creek High School (TCHS) sent out a long-winded email with plain text. While the content and information Steve provides is valuable, parents and students will likely stop reading and even delete the email because they can’t locate what they need quickly.


text heavy school newsletters    Text-heavy email example


Above all, students and parents want to hear from you and refer back to your newsletter for important information. But, if your school newsletter doesn’t have organized content blocks then it makes it a more time-consuming task for them.


Transform your school newsletters with responsive email templates. In this example, BEE took the TCHS school newsletter and inputted that same content into a structured template. 


text-heavy email to a templated email


school newsletter template correct format

View the full template transformation here. 


The content is organized in a careful manner. Students and parents will find their weekly agendas, links to event fliers and other important content with an easy skim.


Therefore, putting your school newsletter content into templates and sticking to the same weekly send-off cadence is the best way to increase engagement with your community. After completing this step, consider these best practices as well to boost engagement even further:


  • Craft intriguing subject lines (avoid spam trigger words)
  • Don’t overload on CTAs
  • Optimize for mobile
  • Keep a clean email list
  • Test content to accurately pinpoint your community’s needs


Craft the perfect school newsletter by implementing these best practices to increase open rates and overall engagement with your community. Now it’s your turn to take action. 


7 school newsletter templates to use this season

School newsletters are a main source of essential information for students and parents. Their purpose is to foster connections between school and home. Creating an eye-catching newsletter that students and parents want to read doesn’t have to be too complicated. Most importantly, settle on the content you need to provide your community with, and decide on how you want to showcase it. Forget about sending a hard copy newsletter and try one of these digital school newsletter templates for your weekly newsletter.


E-Learning Blog

Customize this e-learning blog template to serve as your weekly school newsletter. Provide students and parents with links to your educational blog that includes educational content or classroom updates. Then, personalize your headline with your school name and date, and include real in-class pictures for each blog post or content block. There is plenty of space to get creative and create a classic school newsletter with this template.

Book Lovers

Edit this book lovers template to fit your school newsletter’s agenda. Include pictures and quotes from students in the class to share progress updates with parents, showcase class readings and quotes from those books or simply run through a list of event descriptions to keep parents informed. In this school newsletter template, there is a simple grey background with non cluttered modules for an easy skimmable read.

Colorful Newsletter

Want to make sure parents and students are reading your newsletter? Use this colorful school newsletter template for your weekly recap. It’s a great design for K-5 classrooms, with areas to feature pictures of students in-action, share information about upcoming events and even provide a more detailed outlook of the week-to-week curriculum for parents to always stay in the know. Update the text and images to suit your classroom’s agenda. 

School Agenda

Run through your weekly school activities with this unique school newsletter template. Include your school logo, classroom or student images and clear descriptions of your content in the organized text-modules. Moreover, this template provides an organized play-by-play of weekly classroom activities to keep parents and students in the loop. There’s even space to personalize the greeting to the student or parent you are sending the newsletter to.

School Activities

This simplified design makes going over your classroom agenda incredibly easy. School district newsletters should adopt this design as well because it provides a clear event schedule for the community to keep up to date every week. With a bright yellow CTA and carefully sectioned columns, there’s no way parents or students will possibly miss a beat. This colorful email is perfect with the top portion designed to look like notebook paper, and the rest of the email looks like a blackboard and includes places to put student photos. 

Student Spotlight

Share information about your background as a teacher for parents and students to get to know you in this school newsletter template. Or initiate a student spotlight or student of the week idea into your newsletter. So, whatever content you want to include, make sure to personalize it for parents and students as they will get excited about reading your newsletter if it’s directed towards them. This multipurpose template includes a clear, easy to spot CTA and appropriate white space between content so as to not overwhelm your readers. As a result, the entire email gives off an organized, professional appearance.

Back to School

This versatile school newsletter template is great for grades K-5 with its fun colors and characters scattered throughout the email. To start, introduce parents to the back to school learning app that students will be using throughout the year or map out different events or activities students will do each week in each detailed module. The bright colors and easy to read copy simplifies the newsletter for parents to make sure they are truly reading them. 


Design your school newsletter with BEE Pro

Don’t hesitate on getting creative with these templates, use them in whichever way fits your content best. These school newsletter templates are versatile: keep the colors, module placements and location of CTAs and simply input and organize your content any way you want.


Designing with BEE Pro will simplify your school newsletter design process. Quickly edit and input new information and updates into your chosen template to save you time each week. Also, take advantage of some of BEE Pro’s incredible features like co-editing, branding kits and mobile design mode. This will give you the ultimate design freedom and flexibility to create the best school newsletters. 


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