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Save Time With Our Active Campaign Integration

Save Time With Our Active Campaign Integration

Active Campaign is a popular tool that offers several integrations with other platforms, and now we’re excited to announce our own Active Campaign integration. Thanks to this integration, you can save time as you work on emails simultaneously in BEE and Active Campaign. Let’s take a look at how to connect your accounts!

Why use Active Campaign with BEE?

Active Campaign is a marketing automation platform that focuses on email marketing — letting you refine your email list, manage campaigns, track analytics and more. According to Active Campaign reviews, the platform is easy to use and streamlines everyday marketing tasks, making email marketing more efficient. Active Campaign pricing is also affordable, starting at just $9 per month with a free two-week trial offer as well.

Active Campaign integrations are available to let you connect your account with many other email marketing tools, such as BEE. Our email editor is used by over 1 million people to easily create responsive emails and promote their businesses. We offer hundreds of customizable email templates, and when you activate BEE’s Active Campaign connector, you can instantly push BEE templates over to Active Campaign. Let’s take a look at how to connect your accounts and enjoy the benefits of both platforms!

In order to enjoy the Active Campaign connector, you’ll need a Team or Agency subscription. BEE’s Team plan provides extra features such as adding merge tags and special links; you can start a free two-week trial here. An Agency plan also includes brands and brand settings — contact us for more information.

How to connect BEE and Active Campaign

Exporting your BEE templates to Active Campaign is quick and easy. Here are two methods you can use.

Option 1: Connect from settings

Step #1: Retrieve Active Campaign API

Before you can connect your accounts, you need to find your Active Campaign API key. Open up your Active Campaign dashboard and navigate to “Settings” on the left sidebar; then, in the next sidebar that pops up, choose “Developer.”

active campaign dashboard

You’ll see your API URL and your API key. Copy and paste the URL. Then keep Active Campaign open as you open another tab and log into your BEE account.

Step #2: Connect the API

From your BEE Pro dashboard, click on “Settings” and then “Connectors.” Scroll down until you see Active Campaign.

BEE dashboard

Click “Connect,” and a box will pop up that asks for your API URL and key.

active campaign integration

Paste your URL. Then return to Active Campaign, copy the API key, and paste it into the pop-up as well. Click “Connect” and you’re good to go!

Option 2: Export a single template

If you have an email template that’s ready to go to Active Campaign but you haven’t connected your accounts yet via Settings, don’t worry — you can also export a single template to Active Campaign. This process works essentially the same way as the first method.

Step #1: Export message

When you finish editing your template, click “Export Message,” and choose “Export to Another Application” in the pop-up.

active campaign integration

Step #2: Paste Active Campaign API

Retrieve your Active Campaign API URL and key just like before, and copy and paste them into the pop-up. Once you click “Create,” your template will be automatically pushed to Active Campaign.

active campaign integration

Wrap-up: Using Active Campaign with BEE

Using automation tools such as Active Campaign and BEE is a smart move for marketers — it can help you save valuable time and money as you work to promote your business. Get a free two-week trial of BEE Pro to utilize this Active Campaign integration in your workday!

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