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Pride Month Email Designs We Love

Pride Month Email Designs We Love

We’re winding down LGBT Pride Month, and our inbox has been filled all month with an infusion of color, pride, and love as the world celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Pride Month email designs so you can soak up the celebration, and maybe take away some email design tips, too.

CB2: a simple event invitation that hits all the marks

There’s something that’s instantly visually appealing about this email. Maybe it’s the combination of all the white space coupled with the rainbow color scheme, along with the large, easy-to-read text. Overall, the design feels fresh and bright. Plus, what’s not to love about the emoji hearts in the pre-header text? Well done, CB2.

Pride Month Email Designs

Marc Jacobs: beautifully bare modular email design

In this Pride Month email from Marc Jacobs, there’s no need for borders, lines, or extraneous separators between modules. By alternating between photos with blue backgrounds and one without, the content is naturally segmented.

Pride Month Email Designs

Lyft: a “boxed” layout that pops

Lyft’s Pride Month email design uses an HTML background color that gives the central content a boxed look. This effect is easy to implement (check out our tutorial) and can help center readers’ attention.


Pride Month Email Designs

Everlane: a colorful photo stream (that just needs a bit of live text)

The alternating yellow-blue photos in Everlane’s pride email work well here. We also like how the first module is followed by a text break and CTA button before readers opt to continue scrolling or not. But let’s get some live text here to break up the images, including in the CTA buttons.

Pride Month Email Designs

OkCupid: inverted pyramid in action

OkCupid makes smart design choices here. The inverted pyramid layout leads readers’ eyes down to the bulletproof CTA button. Plain text is used on a bright HTML background color that compliments the great hero illustration. It’s simple and effective!

Pride Month Email Designs

Happy Pride Month, everyone! Thanks for celebrating with us, in our inbox and beyond.

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