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Newsletter Landing Page Examples: 5 Powerful Conversion Tips

Newsletter Landing Page Examples: 5 Powerful Conversion Tips

Creating a newsletter landing page is a powerful way to increase your email list. If done well, it grabs your audience’s attention and tells a story about the value that your newsletter provides.


Your landing page is your chance to establish trust with your audience. You’re asking for a commitment to your newsletter by proving what you have to offer is educational, interesting, or guides them towards a solution to their most pressing challenges. You’re also promising not to misuse their email or send them spam. 


Some landing pages are more convincing than others. Let’s break down the elements with newsletter landing page examples. 


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a location on your website that persuades your audience to complete a specific action. When it comes to newsletter landing pages, your goal is to get them to click the subscribe button. You are inviting the audience to fill out their email or other contact information to keep up with your newsletter—sometimes even offering some type of incentive in return for their sign up. 


Creating a landing page for your newsletter is similar to forming a friendship. The connection begins to form through mutual interests (your landing page), then the friendship strengthens through more commonalities (intrigued towards newsletter sign up). Your audience then commits to the friendship by hitting that subscribe button and then continues to build their relationship with your business through reading your newsletter. The landing page serves as an initial preview of what that commitment or friendship has to offer. 


So what makes a newsletter landing page so important? It serves as a place to provide more value to your audience – their commitment leads to more knowledge and information about what you’re offering and their engagement builds trust. You need this newsletter landing page to get right to the point. The reader needs to find the CTA easily so they can subscribe before losing interest. A newsletter is not the place to add loads of detail. Data has shown that landing pages that overwhelm their customers with more than one offer get 266% fewer leads than pages with single offers. Only include the essentials.


A successful newsletter will increase your conversion rates. This is where you turn landing page visitors into newsletter subscribers, and those subscribers either buy or take some type of action based on what you’re offering. This is important when evaluating your growth and how you compare to others within your industry. Addressing your newsletter landing page and improving through trial and error is going to help master the formula you need to consistently increase those conversion rates. Optimize your page so you can eventually hit and exceed that average by leveraging these 5 tips on how to improve your newsletter landing page today.


5 Email Landing Page Examples and Conversion Tips

Creating the best email newsletter landing page allows you to get closer to your readers over time. They are your first impression, which is why your design quality is an essential investment. Here are some great newsletter landing page templates for inspiration, but let’s really dissect how to create a landing page for your newsletter that leads to higher conversion rates. 


Pull in with a powerful headline

First, determine what you want to convey. What is the purpose behind your newsletter landing page? What will you provide your audience with once they subscribe? Do you want to offer updates on your products or educational resources? 


You need to guarantee that your headline is clearly translating your objective so customers are intrigued by the headline which will prompt them to act further. 


Directly addressing your customers and explaining the benefits of their subscription to your newsletter through a sub-headline is another sure way to gain more sign-ups.The headline is your first impression. The font, the size, and location of this headline will help readers know what the entirety of the email is about. It’s where you captivate customers or lose them immediately, so your choices here are important. 


Social Media Day isn’t the most exciting headline, but it gets the job done. Thankfully, this is a template, so you can change the headline to say whatever you want in BEE Pro


The important fact to note regarding the headline here, is that it provides a clear understanding of what the email is about and leads the reader towards the ultimate objective, which is signing up for the newsletter. The language is clear, concise and you know exactly what the intention is behind the message. Let’s continue to dissect this Social Media template for more effective conversion tips.

easy to read headline for newsletter landing page

Write skimmable copy

The descriptions and copy that follow your headline need to give the what and why in a way that quickly sparks the reader’s curiosity. What are you offering your customers? Why should they care and continue to care?


While these questions might have your thoughts flooding with ideas, remember this copy can’t be overwhelming to the subscriber. Find the sweet spot where it’s skimmable yet captivating. Include bolded words, numbers, bullet points and easy to read info. Your newsletter landing page copy should: 


  1. Set expectations for the customer’s subscription
  2. Provide a compelling explanation of your offer’s value


You know the value of what your newsletter will offer readers, so be upfront about your benefits and what a commitment or sign-up entails. Provide concise copy that specifies that value and the actionable steps they need to take to subscribe. There is no readable copy in this example, but as you can see there’s only enough room for short and purposeful copy. Customers don’t want to hunt for the point of your newsletter landing page and they don’t care about all the fluff. Use action words in your copy to quickly lead them to that sign-up now button.

short copy example on newsletter landing page

Provide authentic social proof

Customers are drawn to businesses they can rely on and build a connection with. Provide social proof on your newsletter landing page by including your social media handles, company badges, testimonials, awards, or reviews.


Social representation reveals your openness to customers. Your ability to portray strong, long-lasting relationships through testimonials or growth through social media pages lets customers know they can depend on you and your consistency. 


This social media page template example provides a follower count for each social page the business is active on, as well as, their top photos and videos from some of those pages. The views, likes, comments, and numbers provide proof that people trust you. Back up what you are promoting with factual progress through socials to increase conversions. 

proof of social media on newsletter landing page

Use valuable imagery

Imagery that increases the emotional tie between you and your readers is key to high converting newsletter landing pages. In truth, the human brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text. This means that your images need to make your readers feel connected to your newsletters purpose. Customers want to see who you are and envision what subscribing to your newsletter will do for them. Use images to portray that.


Place your business logos, stock images, profile/bio pics, or other graphics to attract readers and inspire them to care about your newsletter. Portray value and ignite that emotion by using real pictures, which will allow readers to trust you and further feel for your purpose. 


In our Social Media Day example, the template portrays images backing up their social proof by showing 5 of their top photos that received the most likes on their social page. This example provides us with a glimpse of what readers might see more of if they chose to subscribe. It’s important to use imagery that provides additional support to the other key elements of your newsletter.

images bring value to newsletter landing page

Add a clear CTA button and simplify sign-up

Your CTA button is key. This is a pivotal element of your design process because this is what truly drives those conversion rates. 


Make sure to put your descriptive copy near this button. The CTA button needs to tell readers what clicking that button will do for them. You want them to sign up for your newsletter, so words or phrases like subscribe, enroll now, or sign up here, all provide the reader with a clear step forward. To avoid confusion, keep this word or phrase simple – you don’t want readers to walk away with the belief that they have to make a purchase or commit to something unreasonable.


Anyone should be able to find this button easily on your newsletter landing page. Make it a visible, medium sized font, that is placed in a clear area on the page, and make sure the color of the button is not too bright or dim. Neutral CTAs will grab their attention if other details are accurate. 


Make sure the information you are requesting from the customer is simple:


  1. Enable autofill – Customers appreciate when fields populate automatically. It saves time and fast-tracks the subscription process.
  2. Ask multiple choice questions – Typing out 3-4 fields takes more effort than clicking a choice bubble. Posing questions to get the answers you need also serves as a great tool for newsletters.
  3. Or use a name and email input – Limiting the number of field-fills will get you more clicks. This leads to a committed sign-up with little resistance.


Again, here we see a clear CTA button in a bright, blue box. We are asked to fill out our name, email and simply check the privacy policy box. The quick sign-up and bright colors allow customers to see and fully understand what is being asked of them and why. This makes for a quick and easy decision making process.easy sign up and subscribe button

You’re ready to design a newsletter landing page

Now that you know which key elements make up a powerful newsletter landing page, you are ready to begin the design process. Delve into these newsletter templates or start fresh and create your own. 


Take note of what you have done in the past to see where you can optimize your newsletter landing page based on these 5 tips. Consider improving a couple elements to start, or jump in with a complete overhaul and apply all 5. Implementing these tips will put you on the right track to quickly achieving the highest converting newsletter landing page.



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