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How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Templates, Plus 10 New Templates Available

How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Templates, Plus 10 New Templates Available

Finding ready-made responsive email templates can help you put together a campaign fast. They’re also a great remedy for when you need fresh inspiration or you’re working with limited design resources. In fact, having a library of email templates to choose from is one of the top considerations email gurus make when choosing or recommending an ESP. It’s clear email templates are vital time-savers for email marketers and designers.

But what’s the best way to choose a template and get the most out of it? Today, we’ll show you how.

Step 1: Prep your content ahead of time

Finalizing your copy and design assets before you begin building an email means you’ll be more efficient in the design phase. You should have a good sense of an email’s:

  • Call-to-action. Why are you sending the email? What should readers be compelled to do?
  • Header, sub-header, and body copy. What are your key messaging points?
  • Design assets. Do you have custom photography, animations, or illustrations ready? Will there be dynamic content, like personalizations or a countdown timer? Do you need to source and customize stock images? How many images will your email include?

In short, you need to know what kind of email you’re sending. Is it promotional, transactional, or personal? Is it a newsletter, an announcement, or a privacy policy update? Being clear about your email’s purpose will make it easier to choose the right template.

Once you choose a template, you’ll probably make some adjustments to your email’s content. Still, having a good understanding of an email’s components before you begin designing is important. This means you can choose the template that best fits the purpose of your email and the content it needs to contain.

Step 2: Create a quick mood board or a list of design considerations

Now that you know the purpose and content of your email, envision how the email should look holistically. Consider the following:

  • What is the hero image? Is there a piece of content that absolutely must be above the fold?
  • How should the text be placed in relation to visual content—will some of it be over an image, below it, or alongside it?
  • What kind of layout might best communicate the message?
  • How would you define the style or feeling of the email? Perhaps it’s clean and minimal, friendly and playful, or professional and informative?

If you’re passing the design process off to a design team at this point, it’s helpful to create a design brief that details this information. Including a mood board or relevant inspirational emails can be especially useful. (Sometimes communicating visually is just more direct and clear for everyone). But even if you’re building the email yourself, having an idea of how the email should “feel” before you begin designing is a smart step that will save you time. Think about how you want your audience to feel, and then use that to assemble ideas for colors, fonts, and visuals. You can create a Pinterest board, a simple sketch, or even a list of adjectives.

Step 3: Choose your template!

It’s time to design your email! After putting in a little work and planning from Steps #1 and #2, selecting an email template will be a breeze—and fun!

Wherever you browse for templates, keep in mind that the one you choose should be mobile responsive. Easy drag-and-drop functionality and the ability to customize a template to meet your needs are also important capabilities to keep in mind.

Find 10+ new responsive email templates in BEE Pro

We recently published a slew of responsive, dynamic templates that are designed to look beautiful and resonate with your audience. All templates can be fully edited, downloaded, and used anywhere.

Log-in to your BEE Pro account or sign-up to a BEE Pro free trial to check out the new templates from our catalog:

email template

An easy way to choose your template is filtering by tag. Use what you know about your email’s purpose (from Step #1) and aesthetic (from Step #2) to filter template types. Or, simply scroll through the template library and browse at your own pace!

In addition, when you design an email in the BEE editor, your message will always be 100% responsive; you’ll get access to a huge library of free stock photos from Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay; and you’ll be able to execute the latest email design techniques, like arranging live text over images and personalizing your messages via NiftyImages.

4 New dynamic templates with countdown timers and personalized images

A few of our latest templates include built-in dynamic countdown timers that are ready to be customized, like this Summer Sale Countdown template:

…and this Countdown to Elegance template:

There are also birthday email templates ready to be customized with names:


Other templates also include promotional, e-commerce, and newsletter emails. Each template has been designed with elegance and efficiency in mind so that you can get the most out of each one.


4. Customize your template

After you choose a template, it’s time to customize it! With BEE, it’s easy. Sections can be duplicated, rearranged, and updated to suit your needs. Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose and edit images. Use our huge library of free stock photos to add some oomph to your message. Or easily import your own via the built-in file manager. You can add filters, crop, etc.
  2. Add copy. Format the size, color, and line height of your text. Text can also be added on top of images or over HTML background colors.
  3. Choose HTML background colors. HTML background colors can give your email a “boxed” look or add a pop of color to modules. Have fun with them!
  4. Create the perfect CTA button. BEE’s buttons are fully customizable and always bulletproof. Change the color, height, width, font style, and more until you’re happy with it!
  5. Adjust padding and spacing. Make sure your email has room to breathe. Adjust the padding around an image or the spacing between modules, until the message is balanced.
  6. Preview. Check that your message looks great on mobile with BEE’s built-in preview function. Make adjustments as needed, then finish and download!

How to find the newest email templates in BEE Pro

Did you like our newest responsive email templates? Find them in your BEE Pro account or sign-up for a BEE Pro free trial, if you haven’t already. Check them out, customize them, and let us know how it goes!

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