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Anchor Links in Email: New Data on Rendering Across ISPs

Anchor Links in Email: New Data on Rendering Across ISPs
Attention email geeks! For those of you experimenting with anchor links in email, we have important new compatibility data to share. The team at BEE recently did a round of testing for anchor link email rendering across ISPs. We wanted to test support on the Samsung email app on Android, which is growing in market share, as well as get up-to-date data across clients. Here’s what we found:

email anchor link support

Keep this table in mind when choosing whether or not to include anchor links in email. For easy reference, the email clients that support anchor links are:

  • Samsung email app (Android)
  • Windows Mail (Windows 10)
  • Outlook (desktop)
  • Gmail (Web)
  • Gmail (Android app)
  • Inbox by Gmail (Android app)
  • Yahoo! Mail (desktop)

The email clients that do not support anchor links in email are:

  • Gmail (iOS app)
  • Apple Mail (iOS)
  • Outlook.com (Web)
  • Outlook (Android App)
  • Outlook for MAC

As you can see, there’s broad support, but it’s important to know what percentage of your audience uses each client.

If you do decide to move ahead with anchor links, there’s more good news–adding them to email is simpler than you might think. In the BEE editor, it only takes two steps, and no coding. Check out our tutorial to learn how.

Anchor links can be incredibly useful for long, content-rich emails like newsletters. We see anchor links in email used weekly in the popular Lenny Letter, for instance, allowing readers to skip directly to the content they want to read (instead of scrolling on and on).

Lenny Letter anchor links

Give anchor links in email a try today, and let us know how it turns out!

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