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5 Memorial Day Email Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Memorial Day Email Design Trends You Shouldn’t Miss

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. We’re seeing a steady supply of festive, summer-themed emails filling up in our inbox since the long weekend holiday is a great opportunity for retailers and brands to reach out to customers.

Don’t worry if you haven’t sent an email campaign yet, there’s still time to create one! Here are five Memorial Day email design trends we tracked down to motivate you.

Trend #1: Good things come in threes

As Memorial Day approaches, brands are doing their best to predict what their customers will do. Guesses range from going to the beach to gathering with family and friends to celebrating outside. E-commerce brands, in particular, want to help their customers celebrate in style. This year, it seems that three is the lucky number in emails. Here’s one example from J.Crew. The email presents “three easy outfit equations”:


J.Crew memorial day email design

Pulling together outfits is a creative way for fashion brands to inspire and potentially up-sell, too. Eloquii takes a very similar approach with this three-outfit Memorial Day email design:

Eloquii memorial day email design

Eloquii organized content by a numbered list, but other brands chose to organize by theme, like in this email from Rent the Runway:

Rent the Runway memorial day email design

And Kate Spade took a bold guess that their customers would be near water, offering three swimsuits to relax in:

Kate Spade memorial day email design

Each of these emails is a great length, providing neither too much content nor too little. Plus, grouping content into three sections also provides an opportunity to get playful with layout (think modular design and mobile-responsive photo collages). So when it comes to email design, three makes sense.

Trend #2: Single-story inverted pyramid layout

For newsletters and publishers who aren’t pushing product deals this Memorial Day, a simpler approach to email design works. We saw a few emails that follow the time-honored inverted pyramid approach: a great image, followed by a header and text, followed by a compelling CTA button. Here’s an example from PureWow:


Pure Wow memorial day email design

The inverted pyramid layout highlights a single, focused piece of click-worthy content, which is the perfect way to drive readers to a website. Plus, the email is easy to put together, too. A carefully-selected stock image, a block of text, and a customized button are all you need. This sponsored email also closes with a Smirnoff ad, which is well-placed after the CTA; it’s visible to subscribres but doesn’t interfere with the email organization. Be sure to check out our Publishers’ Guide to Email Advertising for everything you need to know about ads in email.

The Honest Company also uses an inverted pyramid layout, offering a photo of a mouth-watering recipe:

The Honest Company memorial day email design

If you elect to use this simple approach, having the perfect photo is key. This vibrant, colorful, high-quality image from Honest is a great example of how the right photography can make or break the appeal of your content. But, there’s some room for improvement: we would increase the font size and make sure the CTA button sounded a bit more enticing!

Trend #3: No photos? No problem!

Not all brands rely on photography for their Memorial Day email designs. Sometimes, companies that want to emphasize discounts and sales opt to forego product pictures. Instead, the biggest part of the email is the numbers themselves, and illustration and HTML background colors can go a long way in making those numbers pop. Here’s an email example from Sperry. No shoes or clothing items are on display, but eyes land immediately on the number 40.

Sperry memorial day email design

This email from Wayfair takes a similar approach, though more than one discount is featured.

Wayfair memorial day email design

The message above is clear: there is a lot on sale. Even if one particular item doesn’t catch the eye, the message conveys the overwhelming extent of a limited-time “mega sale.”

Trend #4: Grid design shows but doesn’t tell

We spotted quite a few Memorial Day emails featuring an array of products. Sometimes, a long email with plenty of eye candy can engage users. (After all, you know your audience best!) To prevent clutter, content-rich emails should always be designed on a grid—and be mobile responsive. Here’s an example from Jetsetter:

Jetsetter memorial day email design

A photo “collage” like this is the perfect way to advertise multiple products while avoiding the pitfalls of a single-image email. CampSaver uses a similar design:

Campsaver memorial day email design

Read more about designing on a grid and creating responsive infographics for email in our tutorial, How to Create a Responsive Email Infographic.

Trend #5: Interactive elements catch the eye

No holiday-themed email design roundup would be complete without emails that include interactivity. Special occasions lead to crowded inboxes, and crowded inboxes mean there’s pressure in having emails stand out. So it’s no surprise that more brands are taking their email design to the next level by including interactive elements like GIFs, countdowns, product tours, live shopping carts, and more. Memorial Day is no exception.

This email from the mattress company Leesa includes an interactive countdown timer (it’s no longer running, though, since this email is from last year!)

Leesa memorial day email design

Countdown timers are attention-grabbing, and they encourage subscribers to snag last-minute deals before the time’s up. Plus, they’re easy to include! You can add a dynamic countdown timer to your email without coding. Find out how in our tutorial, How to add a countdown timer in email.

To close our round-up, here’s an email from Rover, with a cute and simple animated GIF:

Rover memorial day email design

Rover memorial day email design

It’s not too late to design your Memorial Day email!

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