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#LitmusLive Lessons in Email Design

#LitmusLive Lessons in Email Design

The annual Litmus Live conference is a can’t-miss event for many email marketers — and for good reason. In 2020, virtual attendees from some 70 countries enjoyed 35+ hours of email marketing-focused content. If you missed #LitmusLiveWeek, don’t worry! We’ve rounded up the top 10 email design tips shared at Litmus Live that will keep you in the know.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 email design tips shared at #LitmusLiveWeek that you need to know! Click To Tweet

Tip #1: Focus on brand personality.

This quote from Ann Handley, head of content at Marketing Profs, provides a lot of food for thought. If your customer was reading one of your emails but couldn’t see who had sent it, would they still think the email was from you?

It’s essential for you to cultivate a brand voice and personality that’s strong enough to be recognized out of context. And Handley followed this up with one more helpful piece of advice: Lose the “marketing voice” and focus on finding your brand’s unique and individual voice instead.

Tip #2: Diversity needs to be specific.

“No more purple people!” tweeted a #LitmusLive attendee. In a session on email design tips for equity and inclusion, one presenter discussed how representation matters in illustration, too. Using people without faces or non-human colors is not enough.

Another takeaway from #LitmusLiveWeek? It’s not enough to just avoid making people mad. Your brand needs to intentionally engage subscribers, whatever that looks like for you.

Tip #3: Build relationships, not lists.

The next piece of email marketing advice from #LitmusLiveWeek came from Really Good Emails:

Email newsletters are a key piece of the relationship-building process. They can help you establish trust with your clients or customers — especially now.

Tip #4: Create customer-first abandoned cart emails.

It’s easy for abandoned cart emails to come across as creepy. Get around potential pitfalls with these abandoned cart email best practices shared by presenter Samar Owais:

Use a personalized, customer-first approach for best results.

Tip #5: Be personal, but not too personal.

If you want your prospect to respond when you reach out, personalization is absolutely essential.

However, some brands can cross the line into too personal — and consumers aren’t fans.

How personal is too personal? Make sure all of your email’s personalized elements have a purpose behind them, and don’t personalize things just because you can. You’re not trying to prove how many details you know about your customer’s life. When you’re personal with a goal in mind, your marketing emails should be good to go.

Tip #6: Accessibility is about everyone.

Major email design tip here: Make sure everybody can read your email, no matter what device or technology they’re using.

For actionable tips on accessible email design, check out this list of must-dos:

Tip #7: Use empathetic humor.

Humor is a fun way to inject a little personality into your marketing emails, but if your joke ends up offending somebody, that idea can backfire fast. This helpful chart shows high- and low-empathy methods of humor. Try laughing at yourself, or laughing with somebody else for best results.

Tip #8: Ask your subscribers what they want.

Not sure what your subscribers want? Ask them! This can help you figure out what’s missing, what’s working and what’s annoying.

Tip #9: Create accessible and relatable designs.

Inclusion is an action. And when you take action to make all of your customers feel like they’re included, they’ll feel a sense of belonging — which can only do good things for your business.

Tip #10: Don’t nag, nudge.

There’s a fine line between nagging your customers and nudging them. Create marketing emails that nudge, giving readers a gentle push in the direction you want them to go.

Wrap-up: Email marketing design tips from #LitmusLive

Implement these email newsletter design tips from #LitmusLiveWeek 2020 as you create emails using the BEE editor. And don’t forget to mark your calendar for the next Litmus Live in September 2021!


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