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Mother’s Day Emails That Will Impress Your Mom

Mother’s Day Emails That Will Impress Your Mom

Email buddies: Are you ready for Mother’s Day this weekend? It’s not too late to put together a heart-warming, funny, simple, and/or beautiful email! To help you get inspired, we culled our inbox and curated some impressive Mother’s Day emails from all different kinds of brands. They’re sweet, bold, and original. As always, we added design tips, too. Check ’em out, then build your own!

peonies Mother's Day emails

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash


Subject: Get Mom a gift that’ll grow on her ????

quip Mother's Day emails

When you think of Mother’s Day gifts, you might imagine flowers, books, chocolate, clothing, tickets to an event, or any number of other thoughtful little things. You probably don’t think toothbrush. But Quip—an electric toothbrush company—isn’t letting that stop them from doing a little Mother’s Day marketing. It’s clear the brand had some fun coming up with this campaign, and it pays off. The play on words in the headline—”Just add water”—flower-illustrated photo, and clever body copy (plain text!) makes this email a home run!


Subject: Get the ultimate Mother’s Day gift.

sonos Mother's Day emails

Like Quip, Sonos knows its smart speaker might not exactly come to mind when shoppers are looking for Mother’s Day gifts. This is where thoughtful copywriting can carry an email. If you’re sending a last-minute campaign, you can easily pair existing photography with smart text to make it work. The headline text here is large and bold, and the supportive copy it succinct. It’s all super legible, high contrast live text with a bulletproof CTA button to boot.


Subject: It’s Her Turn

lululemon Mother's Day emails

We’ve been grooving on creative photo grids lately, and this one from Lululemon stood out. The millennial pink squares filling the gaps in-between images are a nice touch, and one we don’t typically see in photo collages. The different style of the second photo grid—with clean white borders around each image—is equally pleasing to the eye. We also appreciate how there’s pretty much zilch body text in this email. When the photos carry the story, you really don’t always need to add much else!

Artifact Uprising

Subject: Mother’s Day gift ideas, straight from our staff

artifact uprising Mother's Day emails

The Z-pattern in this Mother’s Day email from Artifact Uprising caught our eye. If you want to pair photos with corresponding text, using a Z-pattern—which looks like a checkerboard—is a good way to go. This beautiful email is also a good reminder that user-generated content can come from your staff, not just from customers or social media followers. For a personal holiday like Mother’s Day, this approach is a bit more intimate and pulls at the heartstrings.


Subject: Best. Mom. Ever.

malin+goetz Mother's Day emails

Fragrance. Perfume oil. Candles. The simple labels in this Malin+Goetz Mother’s Day email let you know what you’re tappin’ on. The deep blue color is easy to read, and the links are underlined, so the brand gets an A+ for accessibility. Skipping CTA buttons was probably a style choice, as cramming 3 buttons next to each other in the same content block might be a bit much. But, we still like the vibe. And, when it comes to that beautiful hero image and header, just a friendly reminder that text overlay is always an option if you design in the BEE editor. This means you can use a background image of your choice, then apply live text on top, so your text will be super primed to show up in any inbox, on any device.


Subject: Love Your Mom to the M·A·C with a Liptensity Pair for $35 ($42 Value) + Free Shipping!

First the GIF:

MAC Cosmetics Mother's Day emails

Then the full email:

MAC Cosmetics Mother's Day emails

A little animation goes a long way. This email from MAC cosmetics is pretty simple: hero image GIF, body copy, CTA button, and secondary content. A good ol’ inverted pyramid layout does the trick every time. And keep in mind, you get the entire message in the subject line, too. So when a reader opens the email, they’re already primed with the info they need. After that, a click or a tap should be the next step. Tip: While this body copy is MAC’s brand font—so it’s displayed as an image—choosing a web safe font like Courier would make this email more inbox friendly.


Subject: Since Mother’s Day is Coming Soon

Moleskine Mother's Day emails

We’re suckers for things arranged neatly. Or by color. This well-crafted custom photography by Moleskine makes us smile. It’s cute how lipstick and flowers are included, right? And, that 50-50 split of the background colors is a nice touch, too. (But use a bulletproof CTA button next time, please!)

Rifle Paper Co.

Subject: Match Your Mom

Rifle Paper Co. Mother's Day emails

Rifle Paper Co. makes the most beautiful emails! We’re bummed, though, that the email is composed of all images. Using HTML background colors alongside images, and live text over images, are two design techniques that we’re proud our BEE editor lets designers do. Otherwise, this email is a stunner.

Consider the Wldflwrs

Subject: For Mom: The family tree of diamond necklaces.

First, another GIF:

Consider the Wldflwrs Mother's Day emails

Then, the whole email:

consider the wldflwrs Mother's Day emails

We had to include this email from Consider the Wldflwrs for its animation. The GIF is so simple and sweet! It’s perfect for this lovely Mother’s Day email.

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