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How To Use Emoji In Emails 😍

How To Use Emoji In Emails 😍

July 17th is World Emoji Day! In honor of this all-important holiday, we are digging into the age-old question of how to use emoji in emails. Emojis engage readers and can add playfulness and visual excitement into your email marketing.

Let’s take a look at how some brands are upping their emoji game:

Some reasons to create emoji emails:

Clarify your tone: You know how you can read a text message in a bazillion different ways if there are no emojis? We already add these to our daily written communication to convey tone. Why shouldn’t brands do the same thing? If you use emojis effectively in your email marketing, you can make sure your message sounds the right way in your reader’s head.

Engages readers emotionally: Just as you can convey tone with your emojis, you can also elicit an emotional response. There’s no better way to forge a real connection with your audience than through emotional engagement.  Not to mention, emojis are often just plain fun.

Boost engagement: According to Hubspot, more than 50% of brands saw an increase in email opens when subject lines included emojis. Those kinds of results speak for themselves!

So how can you start sprinkling in emojis while staying on-brand and avoiding going overboard? Let’s take a look at some inspiring examples!

In the subject line

Adding emojis to a subject line has more benefits than just an increase in open rates. It also adds extra personality to your brand voice. And of course, emoji subjects stand out better in an inbox and encourage the reader to click.

Compare the difference here. Subject lines with emojis:

emoji in email subject lines

Subject lines without emojis:

email subject lines with no emojis


In anchor text

Anchor text is the highlighted text readers can click on to access a hyperlink. It can also be a great place for emojis in your email marketing. In this AJ&Smart email, anchor link emojis draw the eye of the reader and make the hyperlinks oh-so-clickable:

emojis in email anchor text

Wondering how to create a clickable table of contents in your email? Check out our tutorial on how to use anchor links in emails.

Find the full AJ&Smart email below:

example of emoji in email anchor text


In the footer

This Hubspot emoji email example got our heart-eyes going. By using emojis to gain reader feedback – a footer survey email of sorts – they invite reader participation and directly prompt readers to emotionally engage. Without these emojis, this feedback area would have likely gone unnoticed.

Here is the footer:

emoji in email footer

Check out our list of best practices for email footers while you’re at it.

Hubspot’s full email:

example email with emoji in footer

Within email content

In emails that are text heavy, emojis are an excellent tool to break up the text and make the email more readable. Here, Hubspot does it right:

example email marketing email with emoji

No matter how or why you’re incorporating emojis into your email, the BEE email editor has you covered! Add emojis into any one of hundreds of responsive HTML email templates using the BEE editor, or get creative and easily build an email from scratch. Happy World Emoji Day!

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