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How to quickly create wonderful emails directly in your Gmail account

How to quickly create wonderful emails directly in your Gmail account

It’s time to level up your email messages with professional ready-to-use Gmail templates including event promotions, invitations, greeting cards, thank you notes, startup presentations, blog updates, job alerts, product announcements. BEE Templates for Gmail is FREE: http://goo.gl/QnUCBY
No registration is required to use the BEE email templates within your Gmail™ account: just install the add-on and start creating cool emails!
Use “BEE Templates for Gmail” whenever style matters, including:
– Surprise your friends with fun get-together invites.
– Send “Happy Holidays” greeting cards your family will love.
– Motivate your employees or teammates with visually rich messages.
– Say “Happy Birthday” like you really mean it.
– Introduce yourself with style when applying for your dream job.
– Impress potential investors with your new startup project.
– Send a message that will melt her heart.
– Create event invitations that can’t be turned down.

Take a look to our tutorial about how to use BEE Templates for Gmail™ to create wonderful personal email messages:

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Matteo Santagata
Matteo Santagata