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How to Improve Engagement in Your MailChimp Email Marketing

How to Improve Engagement in Your MailChimp Email Marketing

Email marketing is a must for any business that wants to succeed in today’s marketing landscape. And with audience data, automation tools and insights all in the same place, MailChimp is a great tool for marketers to utilize. But if your engagement isn’t up to par, your outcome won’t be, either. Use these helpful tips to improve your MailChimp email marketing engagement and see better results from your efforts.

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Set expectations

Improve your MailChimp email marketing engagement by letting your subscribers know what they’re signing up for. Setting expectations with a welcome email will increase long-term engagement because it tells your readers what to expect. Communicate what type of content you’re going to send and how frequently so people don’t mark unexpected emails as spam. (Bonus: A strong welcome email gives readers a good impression of your brand, which also makes them more likely to continue engaging with your content.)

(Pictured: Thank You For Subscribing designed by Navid Nosrati.)

Send segmented, personalized emails

Segmenting your email list allows you to send the most relevant emails possible to each individual subscriber — and that will improve your MailChimp email engagement. MailChimp has a wide range of segmenting options that fall into categories such as subscriber data, predicted demographics, behavioral targeting and more. MailChimp also offers advanced segmentation tools and gives you the ability to segment by purchase activity.

Once you have your email list segmented and you’re ready for email design, make sure each email is personalized. Email personalization goes beyond simply sticking your customer’s first name in the subject line (although that’s a great idea). Create personalized campaigns based around more advanced subscriber data such as their past purchases (“Because you bought this, we think you might like this”) or their location (“It’s cold in Ottawa. Need a jacket?”).

(Pictured: Don’t Forget About Me by Yuliana Pandelieva.)

Provide valuable content

Create MailChimp email templates that serve up relevant content instead of going straight for the hard sell. There’s a time and a place for promotional content, but when you’re trying to increase email engagement, content is king. Share articles, blog posts and other types of content that address your readers’ pain points and solve their problems. Your engagement will go up as your customers’ satisfaction does the same.

(Pictured: E-Learning Blog by Regina Tagirova.)

Follow email design best practices

This should be a no-brainer, but to increase your MailChimp email marketing engagement, you need to make sure your emails look good. If your message isn’t visually attractive, your customers will probably click out. Email design is made easy with MailChimp email templates where all you have to do is customize the template with your information.

(Pictured: How to Become A Yogi by Yuliana Pandelieva.)

Include your social media links

Adding social media links at the bottom of an email has been shown to increase click-through rates for marketers. With our free MailChimp templates, it’s easy to link your social media accounts in the footer of your message. You could also add a CTA inviting readers to join you on social media, boosting engagement even more.

(Pictured: Fresh Spring Offer by Hector Titus Ruiz.)

Make sure the email is mobile responsive

The best MailChimp templates to increase engagement are ones that are mobile responsive. The majority of your readers are viewing emails on a mobile device: Over 70% of people check email in a mobile app. Make sure your emails show up correctly or they’ll get deleted fast.

(Pictured: Stay Comfortable at Home by Derek Brumby.)

Wrap-up: Free MailChimp email templates

Wondering which MailChimp templates are responsive? Check out our free MailChimp email templates. Our catalog is full of MailChimp newsletter templates to help you deliver the content your customers want — and the content that will keep them engaged and coming back for more. Happy designing!

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