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How To Easily Save and Reuse Content in Your Emails

How To Easily Save and Reuse Content in Your Emails

Save and Reuse Content your create in BEE Pro! Saved rows allow you to save time on your daily design activities and keep your workspace well-organized.

By saving and reusing content blocks, you can create emails and landing pages much faster, and avoid recreating content that already exists.

Easily find and reuse the rows you’ve saved, such as footers, headers, CTAs, and more. You can build an entire email design system in BEE Pro by using templates, styles, and reusable content.

How do you create reusable content in BEE Pro? Follow these steps to save a row.

  1. Drag and drop your content.
  2. Plug in videos, images, buttons, stickers, paragraphs, lists and more – directly into your empty row.
  3. Customize the text, apply some final edits and your row is good to go.
  4. To save this row directly in the editor, you’re going to hover over the row you just created. Between the commenting button and delete button, you’ll see the Save button. Click on it.
  5. It will take you to a popup where you can Save your Row. This allows you to save the specific row you just created, name it, and categorize it, so you can easily find it and use it again in future designs. After naming and categorizing your row, click Create.

You can also organize and edit your saved rows & categories in your workspace library. Store up to 2000 saved rows so your content is ready to grab and go when it comes to designing new emails and landing pages.

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Massimo Arrigoni

Massimo is the CEO of BEE, a business unit of Growens focused on democratizing content design. BEE’s visual builders for email, pages & popups are available at beefree.io and embedded into 600+ SaaS applications, including 40% of Gartner’s quadrant for multichannel marketing platforms. Massimo has 20+ years of product experience in software and is an expert in product-led growth.