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How to Create Your Own Email Template So You Can Stay On-Brand Every Time

How to Create Your Own Email Template So You Can Stay On-Brand Every Time

Have you had your coffee today? Or, perhaps more importantly, have you sent out a marketing email today? In honor of International Coffee Day coming up on September 29th, we’re going to take an email from a coffee company and show you how to create your own email template in the BEE editor, making a top-notch brand email that your customers will want to read. Let’s get started!

Coffee/food email inspiration: 

We loved this recent brand email from Peet’s Coffee, a popular coffee roaster and retailer based out of San Francisco. The email was advertising a sneak peek of the company’s upcoming holiday roasts:

Subject line: 2 days left for 2 amazing coffees

coffee email template

The email has a high-quality photo and creates a sense of urgency by telling readers it’s their last chance to get free shipping. The template is simple, not cluttered, making it easy to understand the email and opt-in to the offer; the design of the email also evokes a holiday feel with tones of red and gold. 

Let’s jump into the BEE Pro editor and recreate this coffee email using a build-your-own email marketing template.

Tutorial: create your own email template in minutes

Step #1: Open a blank template

Go into BEE’s template library and select a blank template. With this email marketing template, you can build an email from the ground up to make sure it’s completely tailored for your brand. Grab a BEE Pro trial if you need it (two weeks free, no credit card needed) and you’re ready to start from scratch with this blank template.

Step #2: Add placeholders 

Next we’re going to drag-and-drop placeholders before we add the actual images and text. The first step here is to look under the “Rows” tab on the right, select “Empty” from the drop-down menu, and add seven total basic rows. Then we’re going to toggle back to the “Content” tab and add two image placeholders for the header and photo, three text placeholders to accommodate the three different fonts used in the body text, a CTA button, and one final text placeholder for the last line of text. 

create your own email template

Step #3: Add photos and text

Now the email structure is all ready and we’re prepared to create the email template. First, add some images by searching BEE’s library of free images or uploading your own. Next it’s time to add the text; type in what you want to say and adjust the font, color, and size accordingly.

bee email template editor

Finally, you can edit the CTA button text by typing right onto the button. On the right, we can further customize the button by adding the URL it will link to, plus adjusting the color and alignment of the button if desired.

customizable email cta button

Step #4: Save rows

BEE recently came out with a new feature, Save Rows, that can help you save time and stay on-brand as you create your own email template. When you click on a section, you’ll see a “Save” icon; it’s the button to the left of the trash can. If you click that button, you can type in a name and save that row for later, like we did here with the Peet’s Coffee header. 

save rows with bee

Next time you’re ready to create an email, you can go to the “Rows” tab on the right sidebar and click on the drop-down list. All of your previous designs will be under “My saved rows.” Instead of starting from scratch every time, Save Rows makes it possible for you to create your own email template that’s consistently in line with your branding. Your header and your footer are two important sections you’ll want to save, because although the rest of your email will vary, those two parts will usually always be the same.

my saved rows

Step #5: You’re done!

And that’s it — we just recreated Peet’s Coffee’s holiday roast email! When you’re done creating an email template, just click “Save” in the upper right-hand corner of the editor and add the email to your template library. You can also preview your email on desktop and mobile, send a test email, or export to Gmail.

Wrap-up: Create your own email template

Now that you’ve seen how it works, it’s time for you to create your own email template in BEE. Remember, you can get a free trial of BEE Pro if you need it — click here for the simple sign-up process. And with the new Save Rows feature, it’s easier than ever to consistently produce on-brand emails with BEE, dragging and dropping the same design elements every time. Happy designing!

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