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How to Create Order Confirmation Emails for Repeat Sales

How to Create Order Confirmation Emails for Repeat Sales

A strong, on-brand, and engaging experience is everything in e-commerce. Digital communications become the central focus of your brand’s marketing efforts without a face-to-face opportunity to win online customers. That’s where an order confirmation email comes in. 

E-commerce merchants report that as many as 80% of sales will likely come from only 20% of your customers because they return repeatedly.

While a digital experience with your audience begins when they first land on your website, they become repeat customers based on the impactful experience you provide after purchase. A confirmation email, more than just a receipt, is your opportunity to engage the customer – let us show you how!

What is an Order Confirmation Email?

Now that we’ve hyped up confirmation emails, I guess it’s time to explain what an order confirmation email is.

In short, it’s a transactional receipt sent to acknowledge an online purchase. An electronic confirmation of purchase is important if you’re the customer; it legitimizes the purchase and provides the next steps (and peace of mind). 

So, what do brands stand to gain from sending transactional emails? This type of communication is an opportunity to build excitement over the purchase—a way of building and nurturing your relationship with your customers. 

And, of course, a great way to earn valuable repeat business is by introducing additional products or services. 

Typically, an order confirmation will contain the following:

  • Order confirmation number
  • Description of what was purchased
  • Cost and payment information
  • Shipping and delivery details
  • Links to your return policies
  • Customer service contact information

Features of the Best Order Confirmation Emails

The best order confirmation emails will go beyond the basic nuts and bolts listed above. Here are some additional features of an excellent order confirmation email.

Mobile-Friendly Design

According to Shopify, shoppers will make nearly half of all e-commerce purchases using a mobile device by 2024. People are shopping on their phones, which means they’ll also be looking for that order confirmation email on their smartphones. Mobile-friendly design is a must-have for order confirmation emails if you’re serious about winning repeat business.

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Brand Voice

It will take more than sending a receipt to excite a customer. Help them see who you are and the value you bring by spicing up your email content with a brand voice. For example, you can integrate voice into graphics or add some delightful intro copy to your email. While the goal is to keep this email reasonably short, it’s still important to create separation between your brand and others.


If your ultimate goal is to drive repeat business and engagement, we’d recommend including a call-to-action for the customer to take the next step with you. So what is the next step?

  • Cross-sell: show them other products they may like to purchase
  • Up-sell: show them how to make their purchase better
  • Referral: ask them to share your brand with others for gifts.
  • Subscribe: promote newsletter or email sign-ups
  • Engage: promote downloading your mobile app
  • Reward: provide a coupon for use on a future purchase
  • Feedback: ask them to complete a survey or leave a review

Email Subject Line

According to HubSpot, order confirmation emails have the highest open rate at 65%. Of course, this should be expected as the customer wants to confirm and review their order to ensure they were charged appropriately and that the purchase will arrive on time. Because there is great value inside the order confirmation email, it’s essential that the subject line clearly describes what’s inside. Here are a few ways to go about this:


  • Administrative: Order #83627193 is confirmed.
  • Thank you:  Thank you for your purchase!
  • Confirmation:  Review your purchase
  • Engaging: We’ve got your order! 

Learning From an Order Confirmation Email Template

If you’re new to order confirmation emails or want to revamp your existing ones, consider using an order confirmation email template. Using a template can save you time when it comes to finding the right layout, sections to include, and overall design of the emails.

BEE’s templates are designed with the customer in mind and follow email design best practices, including mobile-friendly layouts. Using our drag-and-drop interface, you can fully customize the email to match your branding and voice.

Examples of Order Confirmation Emails

Here are a few examples of order confirmation emails we love!


If you’re one of the millions of Amazon customers, you’ve seen this before. Amazon keeps things short and sweet. You can easily see what was ordered, your total, and when it is expected to arrive. Some stand-out components are the large “view or manage order” button that allows customers to make changes with ease should something need to be edited. The “suggested products” section is also a great use of personalization and encourages repeat purchases.

amazon example of an order confirmation email

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/144607838013729735/

REI Co-op

REI’s order confirmation email is well-branded and easy to read. They’ve chosen to use the bottom of this order confirmation email to promote their membership and credit card programs. One stand-out component that encourages brand loyalty is the REI difference statement which promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee, offering peace of mind to customers with each purchase.

REI CO OP confirmation email examples

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/70437474160298/

Order Confirmation Email Best Practices to Consider

The next time you send an order confirmation email, remember that there is more to it than a simple 

Leverage the high email open rate with the opportunity to cross-sell or grow customer loyalty and drive return sales. Don’t forget to include some elements of your branding. A great place to start is with a well-designed email template, like those available from BEE.

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