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How to Create a Transactional Email to Boost Your Conversions

How to Create a Transactional Email to Boost Your Conversions

As an e-commerce brand, transactional emails are one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. Transactional emails have higher open rates than marketing emails, plus a click-through rate that’s almost three times higher than non-transactional emails. That’s why these types of messages present a valuable opportunity for you to build relationships with your customers! Here’s how to create a transactional email that will give your conversion rate a boost both now and long-term.

As an e-commerce brand, transactional emails are one of the most effective weapons in your marketing arsenal. These emails have a click-through rate that’s almost 3X higher than non-transactional emails. Click To Tweet

What is a transactional email?

Transactional emails are emails that are triggered by events — a user performs an action, and they receive a certain email in response. Examples of transactional emails include:

  • Welcome emails
  • User activation or trial expiration emails
  • E-commerce emails (abandoned cart, receipts, confirmations)
  • Request emails (password reset or verification code)
  • Account-related alerts and security emails
  • Re-engagement emails
  • Support and feedback emails

Transactional emails are prompted by a specific customer action, and people expect to get these kinds of emails. If you request a password reset email, for example, you’re most likely going to be refreshing your inbox until you see the message come in. That’s why transactional emails have much higher open rates than marketing emails.

Your transactional emails are more likely to be read, and that means they need to be top-notch. What’s more, this is a great place for you to subtly add some marketing and upsell your customer. Transactional emails are an easy place to sneak in a little marketing — it’s much easier to sell to people who already know about you than it is to seek out new customers.

Wondering how to create a transactional email that will improve your conversion rate? Here are a few transactional email examples and tips.

Introduce yourself

Share more information about your company so your customers can get to know you. A welcome email is a great place to highlight your popular products and make it easy for readers to shop. Kassatex promotes its bestselling products with a separate CTA button for each one:

Subject line: Welcome to Kassatex!

how to create a transactional email

Backcountry also adopts this approach, sharing a gear guide in its welcome email. Adding product information to your transactional email design is a smart way to up your conversion rate.

Subject line: Welcome to Backcountry 

transactional email example

Offer an extra incentive

Provide your customers with an incentive — something that will encourage them to make a purchase, such as a discount or a special coupon code. In this welcome email, Peet’s Coffee gives new customers a code to get $2 off their first purchase. We’d suggest including your offer in the email subject line to help boost that transactional email open rate even more.

Subject line: We want to welcome you 

how to create a transactional email

Upsell your customer

You can use your transactional email to upsell your customer — whether you ask them to simply add something to the order they’ve already made or bring up an entirely new proposition. An end-of-free-trial email is a good place to do this. You can also upsell your customer in an order confirmation email.

Create dynamic content

Abandoned cart emails are a hugely valuable type of transactional email. On average, these emails have a conversion rate that’s higher than 10%! Make your abandoned cart emails even better by drawing on the customer’s browsing history to add personalized product recommendations. For example, this message from Walmart presents the item left in the customer’s cart, but it also takes things a step further by providing some additional products to consider.

Subject line: Check out before it sells out!

transactional email design

Broadcast your USP

What makes your company special? What perks or unique selling propositions do you offer that bring extra value to your customers? Highlight those selling points everywhere you can — including in your transactional emails. In this welcome email, Kate Farms (a company that makes feeding tube formula) mentions:

  • Two-day free shipping
  • A commitment to creating personal customer relationships
  • A passion for progress
  • The powerful ingredients used

When you consistently include this information, your customers receive the message without even realizing it. Over time, you’re helping them create a good impression of your brand.

Subject line: Welcome to the Kate Farms family!

how to create a transactional email

Make sure the emails are branded

Our biggest tip for transactional email design: Your emails need to be clearly branded. This won’t necessarily boost your conversions right away. But increasing brand awareness and cementing customer loyalty will only do good things for your conversion rate in the long run. For example, in this email from Stitch Fix, the branding is subtle but there. The header is the same header Stitch Fix always uses. The color of the CTA button matches the company’s brand colors. And the subject line and copy use the same tone of voice as the brand’s other emails. All of these are important transactional email design choices that can improve a company’s brand awareness.

Subject line: Need to reset your password? No problem!

transactional email design

Wrap-up: Transactional email templates

Now that you know how to create a transactional email, you can use the BEE email editor to design yours. Our transactional email templates make it easy to create mobile-responsive, HTML messages — no coding experience required. Let the BEE editor kickstart your transactional email design!

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