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How to create a landing page from an email

You’ve spent a long time working on a beautiful email campaign. As a call to action in the email, you want to bring people to a landing page that provides more information or allows people to submit a form or fill out a survey. How can you do so quickly, without having to restart from scratch?

You can easily do this with BEE Pro. You can start from an email, click on “Generate page” and transform it into a landing page, so you can leverage images, text, styles, and more, saving lots of time. And you can also go the other way around, starting from a landing page, clicking on “Generate email“, and creating an email from it, so you can quickly design an email marketing campaign to bring people to the landing page.

In both cases, BEE Pro helps you go faster and design a multi-content marketing campaign in no time.

Watch the video for a quick intro to time-saving features, and then go try yourself by signing up for a free BEE Pro account.

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