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How to Craft an Appointment Confirmation Email That Your Customers Will Read

How to Craft an Appointment Confirmation Email That Your Customers Will Read

Appointment confirmation emails are absolutely essential to send to your customers. These reminders can help decrease no-shows and increase your revenue, whether you need to remind clients of a B2B meeting or notify customers about their B2C appointment. And what’s more, these messages are one of the easiest types of emails to design and send! With little effort and big payoff, there’s no reason to not send an appointment confirmation email. Check out these tips and examples to help create your own.

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Appointment confirmation email timing

When you send an appointment confirmation email will depend on the nature of the appointment. Some businesses might send this email as soon as the client books an appointment. For a B2B meeting, it might work better to send the message the day before the meeting to remind the other party of their commitment.

In general, 24-48 hours before the appointment is a good rule of thumb. Just keep your cancellation policy in mind. For example, if customers need to give you 24 hours’ notice to cancel an appointment, send the email 48 hours prior to their appointment time so they’ll have ample opportunity to do so.

Use clear subject lines

Your subject line should include the words “appointment confirmation” or “reminder.” Put the date and time of the meeting in the subject line, too. That way, people will get the information they need even if they don’t open the message.

Here are a few appointment confirmation email subject lines to give you some inspiration:

  • Calendly — Confirmed: 60 Minute Consult with [name] on [date]
  • Doctor — [Recipient name], prepare for your appointment with [doctor name]
  • Online coaching — Scheduled: Your 1:1 with [name]

Include a map

Your appointment confirmation email should give your customers all the information they need to know in one handy message. If the appointment is in-person, consider embedding a map within the email so they’ll have directions.

There are other ways you can include a map in an email, too. Try taking a screenshot of your location in Google Maps and including it as an image just above your footer. Or simply add a link to a map tool. That’s what Article& does here. When you open the “Click for Map” link in the footer, you’re taken to Yelp, where you can see a map and directions.

marketing email


Keep your text concise

Appointment confirmation emails are an art: You need to keep them short enough that the recipient actually reads the whole message, but long enough to include all the necessary information. Briefly remind your reader why you’re meeting and when and where the meeting is taking place. Your email signature should remind them who you are. What does this look like in practice? A good B2B message might look something like this:

Hi [first name]! Looking forward to our meeting this Thursday at 2 P.M. to wrap up details for next week’s event. Here’s a link to the video call. Let me know if you can’t make it or need to reschedule. Speak soon! 

Stay on brand with colors

An appointment confirmation email doesn’t have to look that much different from your normal marketing emails. Use the same colors you normally do to reinforce your branding — just don’t go overboard! Choosing just a few strategically-placed colors can help keep the focus where it belongs: on the appointment confirmation.

Let customers add to their calendar

People are forgetful. That’s why 70% of them rely on a digital calendar to stay organized. Make sure their appointment with you stays top of mind by including an “Add to calendar” CTA button in your appointment confirmation email. This Create & Cultivate email has several options for calendars:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft Online
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo

add to calendar button in email

With all of these choices, every customer is covered, no matter which calendar platform they prefer. Here’s the rest of the email for context:

Subject line: Digital beauty & self-care summit keynote speakers announced! ?

add to calendar button in email

Create a visual hierarchy

Remember, these messages don’t need to be flashy or complex; they just need to get the essential information across. Minimal design and a simple layout are key. Structure the email in a visual hierarchy so the most important details (which are most likely the date and time) are easy to read. You can help this information stand out by printing it in bigger text, adding a brighter color or choosing an interesting font.

Include contact information

Make sure your contact information is clearly visible in your email footer or signature. If your recipient has any questions about the appointment, they need to be able to quickly contact you for answers. Lululemon adds a “Contact us” link in its footer in addition to the company’s social media links, email address and physical address.

Subject line: A fresh take on the shirt you love. 

lululemon email

email footer

Wrap-up: Appointment confirmation email examples

Create your own appointment confirmation emails with our email templates here at BEE. This free booking confirmation email created by the BEE team is a simple, minimalistic way to confirm a client’s travel booking.

We also love this fun purple Day Spa Reservation template designed by Regina Tagirova:

Check out our other appointment confirmation email templates by searching the template catalog for the tag “confirmation.” Then go remind your customers that you have an important meeting coming up!

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