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How to Celebrate Lunar New Year in Your Email Marketing

How to Celebrate Lunar New Year in Your Email Marketing

Every year, billions of people around the globe celebrate the Lunar New Year in spectacular fashion. By investing in Lunar New Year email marketing, you can build relationships with a large consumer base and even grow your brand.

The Chinese Lunar New Year typically falls sometime in late January or early February according to the Gregorian calendar. This year, the festival will be celebrated on February 12. While the festival is more heavily celebrated in Asian countries, people across the world will welcome in the new year.

This holiday is known by multiple names, including Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year and simply Spring Festival. The majority of the emails in our inbox use the term Lunar New Year in their communications. Take a look at these Lunar New Year email marketing ideas to get inspired for this special celebration.

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Decide who should receive a Lunar New Year email

Of course you can always send your customers a straightforward email wishing them a happy New Year and offering a special promotion or good deal. But this is a good time of year to add a more personal touch, too. Consider sending a Lunar New Year email to clients as a way to strengthen your relationship with them moving into the new year. You can even send a Lunar New Year message to family and friends, wishing them a prosperous year full of peace and good health — similar to this message from Dior.

Subject line: Happy Lunar New Year

lunar new year email marketing idea

gif of red fan that says lucky new year

Set a strategy for timing

Figure out the best timing to get your Lunar New Year emails in front of your subscribers. We recommend sending out Lunar New Year email greetings a few days before the holiday. If your audience isn’t overly familiar with Lunar New Year, this gives you a little time to share some information about the Spring Festival and get them up to speed.

Incorporate the animal for this year

The Chinese New Year is based on a different animal each year according to the 12 animals that are included in the Chinese Zodiac. An easy Lunar New Year email marketing strategy is to play off of that animal as you design your Lunar New Year emails. In 2020, Rag & Bone designed an entire product line appropriate for the Year of the Rat:

Subject line: Last days of Lunar New Year

lunar new year email

If you don’t have the time to fully commit to the theme, don’t worry! A simple note wishing your readers a happy Lunar New Year, like this beautiful graphic from Society6, is enough.

Subject line: ? New Year | 35% Off Bed+Bath & Free Shipping

happy lunar new year email

If you get stuck, try researching what this year’s animal represents. For example, in the Chinese zodiac, pigs represent wealth — leading Banana Republic to craft this Lunar New Year message in 2019.

Subject line: Hurry! Our Lunar New Year offer ends soon

lunar new year email greetings

2021 is the Year of the Ox. While it might take a little more creativity to incorporate an ox into your marketing emails, this can still be a great starting place as you think of Lunar New Year email marketing ideas to use this year.

Use the best Lunar New Year email subject lines

Using the term “Lunar New Year” in your email subject line can immediately signal to your subscribers what the email is about. Many Lunar New Year subject lines also refer to different aspects of the holiday, mentioning “luck” or red envelopes. And when it comes to emojis, we’re seeing moons, party poppers and lots of animals (based on the zodiac for that year). Take a look at these subject lines sourced from our inbox:

  • Lunar New Year! Up to 20% OFF sitewide ?
  • Lucky you! Happy Lunar New Year
  • ? Open your lucky red envelope ?
  • Last chance for a Lunar New Year gift
  • This Lunar New Year, let pigs fly

Add red and gold

Lunar New Year email marketing is the place for lots of festive red and gold! These are popular colors used to celebrate the Lunar New Year because they symbolize prosperity. This message from Shu Uemera (sent in 2019, the Year of the Pig) has a red background with elegant gold CTA buttons and lettering throughout.

Subject line: ? happy lunar new year!

lunar new year email

Create educational content

You don’t have to send a promotional email for Lunar New Year. Creating an email newsletter that shares educational content can also be a great idea. Share articles or information with your customers to help them learn about the Lunar New Year — and if possible, do so with a relevant angle for your brand. For example, businesses in the food and beverage industry could share about the type of food that’s commonly eaten to celebrate Lunar New Year. This KiwiCo email is promotional and educational all in one, letting you peek inside one of the company’s subscription crates to see some fun Chinese New Year-related crafts for kids.

Subject line: Beyond the crate: Fire-breathing dragons, origami fortune cookies, and more Lunar New Year DIYs!

lunar new year email newsletter

Wrap-up: Chinese New Year email templates

Now that you know how to wish a happy Lunar New Year in email, it’s time to start creating. Use our mobile responsive, HTML Chinese New Year email templates to help with your email design. With the BEE email editor, it’s simple and easy to create high-quality emails — no coding experience required!

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