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Health and Wellness Industry Emails with Dynamite Designs

Health and Wellness Industry Emails with Dynamite Designs

The health and wellness industry is booming in 2017 with no signs of slowing down. The phrase “There’s an app for that” couldn’t be more pertinent in a market where phones are one of our most valuable healthy lifestyle tools. We use technology to schedule doctor appointments, order a buffet of customized vitamins to our doorstep, listen to guided meditations, and so, so much more. In such a competitive marketplace, we wondered, how do health and wellness industry emails stack up? We gathered some of our favorite designs here.

#1. Care/Of

Care/Of helps you find the right vitamins and supplements for your goals, lifestyle, and values, and then delivers them to customers once a month. Founded in 2016, the brand has a modern, elegant identity featuring a mix of bright photography, line illustrations, and a healthy dose of millennial pink. Here’s an email from their getting-started series.

Subject: Introducing healthier living

Care/Of Health and Wellness industry emails

Like most design-forward brands, Care/Of maintains a sleek, simple header (logo only) followed by a large, beautiful image. The zig-zag layout that follows features live text and pared-down monochromatic iconography. Interestingly, in lieu of CTA buttons, the brand chooses color-coded links in each module. If we were doing an A/B test, we might suggest an alternate email that skips the links and instead places a single bulletproof CTA at the conclusion of the email. It’d be interesting to see the results!

#2. Lumosity

Health and wellness is about keeping your mind sharp, too. Lumosity is a brain training app with games that help you flex your cognitive muscles when it comes to memory, attention, and speed. The brand identity is friendly and warm with flat illustration styles and a jewel-tone color palette. Here’s a getting-started email from the brand.

Subject: The next step on your training path

Lumosity Health and Wellness industry emails

HTML background colors bring a liveliness to each module and clearly delineate one section from another. A slim line of white space creates a nice buffer, too. While the body text skews on the side of being too small, Lumosity does a good job choosing contrasting colors to enhance legibility.

#3. Lifesum

Lifesum helps you track what you’re eating so you can achieve your weight goals, whether they’re to slim down or bulk up. This recent welcome email from the brand walks users through how it works.

Subject: Welcome to Lifesum

Lifesum Health and Wellness industry emails

One thing to note right away is how action-oriented the email is. The opener—”Let’s get going right away”—sets the tone immediately. After that, each module is stunningly simple, following an inverted pyramid layout to introduce a key image following by two lines of text and a call to action. The type and buttons are large—easy to read and tap. Plus, no two CTA buttons are the same (there’s no string of “Learn more,” followed by another “Learn more,” etc.). Well done, Lifesum.

#4. Sustain

Sustain makes natural, organic health products for women. The brand offers a subscription service where shoppers can build custom kits with their choice of tampons, pads, and/or liners for direct delivery. Here’s a recent promotion email from the brand.


Sustain Natural Health and Wellness industry emails

Sustain knows that showing the product itself is what will help convert customers. So it does just that, presenting an image of each, along with a 3-sentence description. The text adds up, but for readers on the fence about whether to click, this email might just provide the necessary information. We also love the purple box-effect—it ties in perfectly with the images embedded in the email, giving the message a cohesive, monochromatic effect. Plus, it’s easy to implement!

#5. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app. Knowing that the practice of meditation might be intimidating for beginners, the brand employs a friendly, warm visual identity and tone. This recent onboarding email reflects just that.

Subject: What is meditation?

Headspace Health and Wellness industry emails

Have you noticed the single-column design used in many of these emails? A single column is optimal for mobile screens and helps readers focus. Plus, it just looks good. Taking an encouraging tone, in this email, Headspace walks readers through their explanation of what meditation is. The easy-to-read live text is accompanied by cheerful illustrations. Instead of section breaks between modules, as we’ve seen done in other emails, there’s nothing breaking the flow in this story-like sequence. The culmination is a clear and direct call to action that can’t be missed. Brava.

#6. Quip

Quip makes sleek-looking electric toothbrushes, along with a line of oral care including toothpaste and replacement brushes. It feels like the brand’s doing a big marketing push, because their advertising is everywhere we look! Their visual identity is super modern with plenty of white space and hardly a capital letter to be found. Here’s their welcome email.

Subject: Welcome to quip!

Quip Health and Wellness industry emails

Quips’s photo-and-illustration combo is gorgeous. Ample white space—hello email padding!—gives this send a fresh, airy vibe. And Quip saves its call-to-action for the end of the email. Unfortunately, the blurred text is super distracting. This is a common pitfall that brands face, often when images aren’t retina-scaled, but it’s an easy fix, though. Another easy way to avoid this issue is by choosing live text for most of your message. Format it well and the emial will look just as great.

#7. ZocDoc

ZocDoc helps people find doctors nearby. You can use the app or website to identify doctors in-network and even book appointments. And once you’re logged in, ZocDoc helps track your records. Attending a certain number of doctor appointments is what prompts an email like this one.

Subject: CRUSHED IT.

ZocDoc Health and Wellness industry emails

The email reflects ZocDoc’s usual fresh, friendly tone of voice. The encouragement is a nice touch, likely helping to drive customer engagement and brand loyalty. It’s not every day readers get an email with a “congratulations” instead of a call to action. When it comes to design, the email is well thought out. The cheerful illustration incorporates part of the ZocDoc “Z” in a zero-to-one-hundred graph. Before all appointments were completed, a previous email included this:

The plain text is easy to read, and the boxed layout makes the message pop.


Our prescribed tips for your health and wellness industry emails:

  • Create a boxed email effect
  • Use bold HTML background colors
  • Make each module pop
  • Design the perfect bulletproof CTA button

Plus: Get more tips by trying BEE Pro for free and have fun designing! All your designs will even be mobile responsive (no coding needed)!

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