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4 Ways to Send a Happy New Year Email to Clients

4 Ways to Send a Happy New Year Email to Clients

As 2022 comes to a close, we’re preparing to send our last emails of the year. Among them is a Happy New Year email to clients: sending a Happy New Year message to our customers makes perfect sense: they’re the ones that keep us all in business, and they deserve a heartfelt “Thank You!!”.

To get inspired, we’re looking back at some of our favorite New Year’s email greetings from the past couple of years. Most of these messages fall into one of these four categories:

  1. Personal notes
  2. Promotions
  3. Short and sweet messages
  4. Year In Review emails

Whether you’re sending a Happy New Year email to clients, customers, colleagues or friends, there’s plenty of inspiration here to make your message beautiful and bright. Scroll on to get inspired and then head over to our template catalog to browse over 30 free new year email templates and quickly design the perfect message for your New Year campaign.

#1. New Year emails with a personal tone

It’s the perfect time of year to reflect on months past and express your thanks to everyone who supported, followed along and invested in you. To show gratitude, many Happy New Year emails have a personal touch, whether it’s a note from a CEO or photos of staff.

Function of Beauty

Subject line: New year, but we’re still doing us

happy new year email

This Happy New Year email from Function of Beauty does a great job of reinforcing brand awareness and putting a face to the brand.



Subject line: A Well New Year ✨

happy new year email to clients

In this personal letter, Pursoma CEO Shannon Vaughn expresses gratitude to her company’s customers and shares what she’s thankful for. This heartfelt message is succinct but impactful, creating genuine engagement that resonates.


Still House


new year's email

Here’s an example of a Happy New Year email that keeps it simple with a thought-provoking quote and a brief Happy New Year message. The pale background color and basic font create a look that’s elegant, yet easy to read (and create).


#2. Promotional New Year emails with a nudge to buy

While some New Year emails take a break from offering deals and promotions, others add an incentive to click. Customers have a ton of momentum to purchase during the New Year and an email is a great way to direct this traction to your website or landing pageThese promotional emails have a good balance of messaging that says Happy New Year while also giving readers a reason to purchase.

Indie Lee

Subject line: Don’t *stress* – new year, NEW products

promotional new year's email

Who doesn’t want to start off the New Year with a healthy dose of zen? Here, Indie Lee highlights a few products that can help readers start off the year in the zone.

J. Crew

Subject line: New year, new sweaters

happy new year's email to customers

While the copy in this J. Crew Happy New Year email may not have aged well, this is still a great example of a fun New Year’s promotion. We love the “Wear it with” section, helping customers envision how J. Crew’s sweaters can be paired with other products to create a full outfit.

Eileen Fisher 

Subject line: New year, new blue

This New Year email from Eileen Fisher is a play on the “New Year, new you” concept, showcasing several blue sweaters that are on sale.

new year marketing email

#3. Reflective New Year emails featuring a year in review

There’s a big window for sending a year-in-review email. We typically see them land in our inbox anywhere from the last week of December all the way through mid-January. Year-in-review emails generally round up or summarize a brand’s highlights, achievements or big moments of the year. Here are a couple of examples.


Subject line: Thank you for being with us in 2019! Here are our favorite moments…

year in review email

This email from OptiMonk is nicely structured and easy to read with 2019’s high points shared in a bulleted list. The images also add a personal touch.


Subject line: Thank you for a wonderful 2018

happy new year email

Linjer recapped its year with a few brief lines of copy primarily focusing on new product launches and products that had been removed.

#4. Short and sweet

Not feeling sentimental, reflective or promotional? That’s okay — plenty of brands send short and sweet Happy New Year emails that do the trick. These emails still accomplish the goal of getting your brand name in front of readers over the holidays. Plus, they’re a lot of fun to send!

The North Face

Subject line: Happy New Year, explorers

simple happy new year email

This email from The North Face is absolutely perfect for the company’s audience and brand. It’s fresh, fun and imbued with a sense of adventure for readers to carry into the New Year.

Michael Kors

Subject line: Happy New Year!

happy new year email from brand

Like The North Face’s email, this message from Michael Kors is perfectly on-brand — it’s elegant, sparkly and refined. We love the handwritten touch.


Wrap-up: Happy New Year email templates

Need to quickly send your New Year’s email greeting? Check out BEE’s many free Happy New Year email templates. There are over 30 of them in our template catalog and some great Happy New Year landing pages too. You can immediately customize the text, replace images, move or remove content blocks — you name it. It’s simple and fast, and all templates are created by professional designers. Happy New Year, and happy email designing!

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Updated December 20, 2022.

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