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4 Ways to Send a Happy New Year Email With Great Design

4 Ways to Send a Happy New Year Email With Great Design

As 2018 comes to a close, we’re preparing to send our last emails of the year. Among them is a Happy New Year email—with great design, of course. To get inspired, we’re looking back at some of our favorite New Year email greetings from last year. Most fall into one of these four categories: personal notes, promotions, short-n-sweet messages, and year-in-review emails. So whether you’re sending a Happy New Year email to clients, customers, colleagues, or friends, there’s plenty of inspiration here to make your message beautiful and bright. Scroll on!

#1. New Year emails with a personal tone

‘Tis the time of year to reflect on months past and express thanks to all who supported, followed along, and invested in you. To show gratitude, many Happy New Year emails have a personal touch, whether it’s a note from a CEO or photos of staff.

Rag & Bone

Subject: Happy New Year from rag & bone!

happy new year email sample

What a creative twist on a letter-style email from Rag & Bone. We love the typewritten look and personal signature at the end.

Citizens of Humanity

Subject: Hello, 2018.

 happy new year email to clients

The written message is succinct but impactful in this email from Citizens of Humanity, especially paired with a stunning photo grid picturing employees at work. The email adds a lot of depth to the brand, humanizing the labor that goes into the products they create.

Frank and Oak

Subject: Happy New Year!

new year email greeting

Here’s an example of a Happy New Year email that’s personal, yet simple (and funny, too). An email like this looks stunning but is actually so easy to create. Simply choose a large, sans serif font (like Helvetica) with a bold, contrasting color against a pastel background. The polaroid-style staff photo is a nice personal touch, too.

#2. Promotional New Year emails with a nudge to buy

Plenty of New Year emails take a break from offering deals and promotions, while others do add an incentive to click. These promotional emails have a good balance of messaging that says Happy New Year while also giving readers a reason to purchase.


Subject: How to Wish Someone Well in 2018

business email happy new year

It’s right on-point for Grammarly to be talking about grammar, no matter the occasion, and New Year’s is no exception. (Or is it New Years?) This is a clever way to engage readers. Though we’d make that CTA button text a little more exciting!


Subject: Celebrate 2018 with 35% off Premium

happy new year email marketing

Here’s a New Year’s Day promotion email from Lumosity, with this fun ball-dropping animation:

happy new year email animation

#3. Reflective New Year emails featuring a year-in-review

There’s a big window for sending a year-in-review email. We typically see them land in our inbox the last week of December, all the way through mid-January. Year in review emails typically round up or summarize a brand’s highlights, achievements, or big moments of the year. Last year, we rounded up some of our favorites. Here are three more beautifully designed ones to add to that list.


Subject: Litmus + email: 2017 year in review

year in review email

This dynamic, live-text-filled email from Litmus gives us heart eyes. The hero image is eye catching and the color scheme is unique. (Psst: Make your email similar by choosing Courier font and experimenting with pale HTML background colors).



happy new year formal email

Reformation’s extensive year-in-review email (which we trimmed significantly to give you a taste), is made easy to read with large live text, section breaks, and big headers. The body area is also narrow, aiding legibility.


Subject: Your 2018 in music: find out how you listened

business email happy new year

Got data? Use it! This year-in-review from Spotify is personalized for each user. Plus it looks great: bold colors, large text, a custom CTA, and this animated GIF:
year in review gif

#4. Happy New Year—short and sweet!

Not feeling sentimental, reflective, or promotional? That’s okay—plenty of brands send short and sweet Happy New Year emails that do the trick. These emails still get your brand name in front of readers over the holidays and are fun to send, too.


Subject: Happy New Year! 

happy new year greeting email templates

Glittery and festive, this GIF says it all:
business email happy new year gif


Subject: Happy New Year, Rebecca!

clever happy new year email

We love the personalized subject line and this playful, sassy animation:clever happy new year gif

Honest Co.

Subject: HAPPY. NEW. YAY!

happy new year business email template

Feeling simple? That’s okay, too. This basic ecard from Honest Co. is nice as sugar and spice.

In a hurry? Use our free Happy New Year email template

Need to send your New Year email greeting in a snap? Check out BEE’s seasonal templates.  You can customize the text, replace images, move or remove content blocks—you name it. It’s simple and fast, and all templates are professionally designed so you can send with confidence.

Happy New Year, and happy email designing!

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