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Happy Labor Day Emails to Promote Your Sales

Happy Labor Day Emails to Promote Your Sales

Labor Day is an important time for e-commerce brands to up their marketing game. The average American spends $150 over the long weekend, purchasing school supplies, clothes, electronics and other products. And if you can get your brand in front of them, there’s a good chance they’ll make those purchases from you. Check out these Labor Day emails to promote your discounts and sales.

The average American spends $150 over Labor Day weekend. And if you can get your brand in front of them, there’s a good chance they’ll make those purchases from you. Click To Tweet


Yellow and orange take center stage in this ombre Labor Day email from Leesa, fading into dark blue to create a more solid background for text about product details. The wavy lines separating each section of the email are reminiscent of the ocean and help create a summer-y feel. Labor Day is generally regarded as the end of summer, and making your design choices accordingly can help you go out with a splash.

Subject line: One more weekend of Labor Day deals ?

labor day emails example


Bold colors and strong fonts help MealPal’s Labor Day email stand out. The orange CTA button sticks out from the rest of the email, encouraging you to click and take advantage of this Labor Day deal. And small touches make a big difference: The illustrations at the bottom add a unique, whimsical touch to this email.

Subject line: LAST CALL: 50% off for Labor Day ??

labor day marketing email

Milk Makeup

When it comes to email marketing (or any type of marketing), it’s important to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and think about how they’re feeling. Milk Makeup hits the nail on the head with this Labor Day email sent on Monday morning: They knew their customers would probably be feeling disappointed that the long weekend was already almost over and it was time to go back to work. So Milk sweetened the pot with this psychedelic email offering a free gift with every $35+ purchase.

Subject line: HAPPY LABOR DAY

labor day discount


In this message, Pact does an excellent job of describing its deal. From the subject line to the message, there’s no question about what’s happening. The benefits of the sale are clearly laid out, and the second half of the email explains why Pact’s products are great, too.

Subject line: FINAL HOURS // Labor Day sale!

labor day email

I Dew Care

Skincare brand I Dew Care created this colorful email to advertise its Labor Day sales. All of the important information is included above the fold so readers will immediately understand the offer. Then I Dew Care added a flashy GIF before moving on to individual product CTAs.

The brand also sent this email the week before Labor Day, which is a smart move. Giving your customers plenty of notice about any upcoming sales means they’ll have ample time to browse your site.

Subject line: Happy Labor Day weekend! ✨ FREE shipping + GWP ✨

labor day email

backpack gif


This Labor Day email example from PupBox is a hit largely because of the clever copy. The “Bark2School” code is easy to remember. The CTA button pops out with a cute “Paw here, Charlie” instruction. And up at the top near the logo, PupBox reminds customers that it loves your puppy. The color and font choices in this message also create a playful feel, which is perfect for PupBox’s audience of dog owners.

Subject line: ? Labor Yayyy – $4 dolla holla

labor day email campaign

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Labor Day is the perfect time to put your summer products on sale. Your customers will appreciate the discount, and you’ll get a chance to clear out old merchandise and make room for fall products!

La Colombe Coffee Roasters created this colorful email advertising a sale on its cold brew. We love the bright-yet-muted color scheme and how the underlined CTAs pop, coordinating with the borders around the photos.

We’re also seeing a trend with Labor Day email subject lines: Using all caps is a popular choice. Try it out this year and you may get more conversions from your Labor Day emails.


labor day email example

Brew Dr. Kombucha

Half email newsletter and half promotional message, Brew Dr. Kombucha packs a lot into this Labor Day email campaign. The company starts out by wishing its customers a happy Labor Day and offering them a coupon. Then it includes a customer testimonial and reminds readers about a giveaway that’s going on. The color scheme of the message feels summer-y, but sophisticated, too — appropriate for the Brew Dr. Kombucha brand.

Subject line: Celebrate Labor Day with this coupon just for you!

labor day email

Wrap-up: Labor Day email template

Get started with your own Labor Day email campaign by using the BEE email editor to create your messages. Our template catalog has several Labor Day email templates ready to go, including this Labor Day Savings email template designed by Derek Brumby.

… and the Pet Shop Labor Day Offer email template by designer Yuliana Pandelieva.

Use these HTML email templates to help you get more conversions with your Labor Day emails this year!

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