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Guide: How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Brand Awareness

Guide: How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Brand Awareness

Establishing your brand identity is extremely important for any business. But it takes careful, consistent work — and for small businesses, it has the potential to get expensive. Luckily, email marketing lets you boost your brand awareness for free or cheap! Email marketing for brand awareness should be an essential piece of every brand’s overall marketing strategy. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on how to increase brand awareness through your marketing emails.

Email marketing for brand awareness should be an essential piece of every brand’s overall marketing strategy. Click To Tweet

Why is brand awareness so important?

Brand awareness is the single most important goal for many marketers. And there’s a reason for that: It works.

The term brand awareness refers to how well your customers are able to recognize your brand. The more familiar they are with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase from you — so cultivating as much brand awareness as possible will work in your favor.

Here’s how to get started with your own email marketing for brand awareness.

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Set your strategy

Be consistent with your branding emails. Sending them on the same day of the week and/or at the same time of day can help your customers know what to expect with you and get a better idea of who you are as a brand.

Here are a few brand awareness campaign ideas that may be right for you:

  • Include plenty of graphics to help the emails convert well
  • Do split tests
  • Create a matching, on-brand landing page that goes with the email
  • Personalize and segment your emails

Remember, too, that long-term consistency is essential. Brand awareness is not built with one email. You’ll need to place a heavy focus on email marketing for brand awareness over time. But a brand awareness campaign is a good place to start. Let’s take a look at some brand awareness email examples so you can figure out where to start.

Choose good email subject lines for branding

Your brand awareness begins in your subject line. This is your customer’s first impression of you, so it’s essential to make sure it’s a good one. Optimize your subject line for brand awareness by including your company name or product, making it clear who the email is from and what it’s about. The language in your subject line plus any emojis used should also line up with your overall brand tone of voice.

email subject lines for branding

Strategically place your logo

Make sure your logo is highly visible so your subscribers will immediately recognize your brand.  Yard House includes their logo at the top of the email so it’s the first thing you see. Think about size, too — it’s important to find that sweet spot where your logo isn’t overwhelmingly large, but also isn’t so small it goes unnoticed.

Subject line: Late night happy hour is here! ?

email marketing for brand awareness

Use your brand colors

Colors are huge when it comes to how to increase brand awareness, improving awareness by up to 80%! What colors are in your logo and represent your brand? Incorporate those colors in your emails, as well as complementary colors that you’ve selected for your brand.

Take a look at this message from the Silos Baking Co., which is located at Magnolia Markets, brainchild of Chip and Joanna Gaines. Magnolia’s color scheme is very minimalist — it includes lots of white, black and leafy greens. This Silos Baking Co. email stays true to this base color scheme, but includes some additional soft pastels appropriate for both a bakery and a birthday.

Subject line: Silos Baking Co. is turning 4!

branding email

calendar gif

Select memorable fonts

Your brand fonts should be unique and memorable. But the body fonts in your email need to be easy to read, too. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen does a good job of balancing font types in this message. The subheaders in this email are fun to read, with the bright, curly yellow and orange font and the more staid black balancing each other out. The body font is basic and easy to read — and the fonts used for the prices look similar to the typography used on Cheddar’s menu.

Subject line: Experts say this 1 one thing improves your day ☀

email marketing for brand awarenessfood gif

Think about your tone of voice

If you haven’t already established a strong brand voice, now is the time. What are some adjectives that describe your brand and its product or service as a whole? Is your brand funny, casual and playful? Sophisticated, elegant and stylish? Or something else? Use the attributes at the core of your brand identity to guide the tone of your marketing communications.

For example, Juice Press has established a fun, happy tone of voice in its brand communications. This email uses casual language and just the right amount of exclamation points. And a quick look at the @juicepress Instagram account confirms that this tone is consistent across all Juice Press channels.

Subject line: “Almost” FREE avocados — holiday super special!

brand awareness email example

Optimize your email footer/signature

Squeeze a little more brand awareness in the footer or signature of your email so readers will see it before they click away. Like American Girl, you might choose to include your social media links, other contact information and throw in your logo one more time.

Subject line: Say hello to the newest Truly Me additions and outfits! ?

email example for branding

Decide what to include

Email design is important. But make sure to put some thought into the actual content of the email, too. Your email needs to offer true value to the reader or your email design won’t matter at all! A few good brand awareness email campaign ideas include free resources, discount codes or exclusive bonus content. Musicnotes offers an exclusive 25% off code to new email subscribers.

Subject line: Your exclusive 25% off code is inside!

branding email with discount code

Wrap-up: Create your own brand awareness campaign

Now that your brand awareness strategy is ready to go, it’s time to start designing. Use the templates in the BEE template catalog to help. Choose one of these professionally-designed HTML templates and customize it with the BEE editor, adding the fonts, colors and other details that back up your brand. Then save the template so you can use it again later, building off of that foundation to make sure your branding is consistent every single time.

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