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10 Modern Father’s Day Email Designs

10 Modern Father’s Day Email Designs

Forget the ties, golf clubs, and leather wallets. This year, plenty of brands are doing Father’s Day email designs differently. We rounded up 10 modern emails that show dads’ lives aren’t just about sports and office jobs. Get inspired by these campaigns—and our design tips—to build your own Father’s Day messages before June 17th!

Father's Day Email Designs

01. Nest Cam

Subject: Save up to $50 on a Nest Cam. Because Dad loves deals

Nest Cam Father's Day Email Designs

And check out the animated GIF from that TV-looking screen grab above:

Nest Cam Father's Day Email Designs

These NestCam clips totally made us LOL. We even went straight to Instagram and searched #CaughtonNestCam for more. Isn’t it clever that the GIF was embedded in the email to look like it was on TV in someone’s living room? This shows the design team went the extra mile instead of just making the GIF and plopping it in the email. Plus, the set-up text above the GIF is plain text—a great example of how to situate copy against an HTML background alongside an image or GIF, a design best practice!

02. Lord & Taylor

Subject: Dad-approved gifts. Father’s Day is June 17!

Lord & Taylor Father's Day Email Designs

We’re so happy to see Lord & Taylor—a major brand with a long history—showing a dad who’s differently abled. We looked at dozens and dozens of Father’s Day email designs, and this is the only one we saw like this. We appreciate L&T for acknowledging there aren’t cookie-cutter dads. Design-wise, we can see that the quirky content block trend continues, and we’re not complaining! This email feels dynamic and playful, allowing readers’ eyes to keep moving down the page. And, if you ever want to overlay live text atop a static image or GIF, you can do it in BEE (see our tutorial to see how!)

03. Postable

Subject: Do Your Daddy Duty

Postable Father's Day Email Designs

In a sea of emails with white and neutral backgrounds, the bold green in this message from Postable really pops! This is another email that aligns its image block next to a content block that matches in color, complete with plain text and bulletproof CTA button. It looks great and checks off all our design best practice boxes!

04. Malin + Goetz

Subject: Raise the bar for DAD + Free shipping!

Malin+Goetz Father's Day Email Designs

Check out the movement in the hero image:

Malin+Goetz Father's Day Email Designs

This Father’s Day email from Malin+Goetz is vibrant, fresh, and easy to read. The oversized text accompanying the photos is great; sometimes, a few sentences of descriptive copy just doesn’t add value when readers are spending only a few seconds looking at your email. And like NestCam, this email includes another great example of user-generated content: a five-star review that couldn’t be more flattering.

05. Blue Bottle

Subject: Cold Brew Kits for Cool Dads

Blue Bottle Coffee Father's Day Email Designs

Another GIF to show ya:

Mmm, this GIF makes us crave some cold brew! The design of this Blue Bottle email is so simple. Like Malin+Goetz, the only “dad thing” about it is pretty much the subject line. This just goes to show that if you’re in a last-minute hurry to put out a Father’s Day promo, keep it simple with clever subject line copy and amazing creative assets you already have on hand.

06. Chubbies

Subject: *****kid’s swimsuits*****

Chubbies Father's Day Email Designs

True to form, the copy in this Chubbies email makes us crack a smile. Chubbies notoriously has a lot of fun with its email campaigns, and this one is no exception. In addition to simply adorable photos and funny easy-to-read text, this email uses a “boxed” design for its layout, which is easy to do and can narrow readers’ eyes on the column of content, potentially improving focus and legibility.

07. Food52

Subject: Gifts for Dad we’re willing to bet he’s never unwrapped before.

Food52 Father's Day Email Designs

Oh Food52, you had us at “salami bouquet.” It’s a lot of fun to see brands branching out in their selection of dad-themed gifts. The first module of this email is built in a standard inverse pyramid layout. However, there’s also a CTA button above the first image, and we’re curious to see how that performs. We see a good opportunity to A/B test a layout like this—one version with the CTA button at the top, and one without it (so the first CTA button would come after the salami image).

08. Brooklinen

Subject: We Love You Dad!

Brooklinen Father's Day Email Designs

This email from Brooklinen is simple and sweet! The two-frame GIF is so funny and engaging that Brooklinen makes a smart decision not to add any frills here. No need for a header or additional modules. A single, clear focus is the way to go.

09. The New York Times Store

Subject: Father’s Day Gifts for the Intrepid World Traveler

The New York Times Store Father's Day Email Designs

This travel-themed gift guide email from The New York Times looks great and is easy to follow. Each module flows into the next without borders or header text; the only labels are names and prices. By bypassing CTA buttons for each gift item, NYT saves space and creates a sleek look. Readers know intuitively to simply tap an image to get more information. Alt text is particularly important here—without bulletproof CTA buttons—so readers will still have something to click if images don’t load.

10. Topo Designs

Subject: This one’s for Dad.

Topo Designs Father's Day Email Designs

The dad categories Topo Designs creates in its Father’s Day email are cute and clever, helping readers navigate through the email and shop. (There were quite a few more modules, too, that we had to cut!) Photo clusters like these are easy to design by assembling individual images. In BEE, you can choose whether or not an image grid is responsive for mobile screens or if it stays in place as-is (check out the “do not stack on mobile” feature!)


Start creating your own modern Father’s Day email designs now! Using the BEE editor is easy. Sign up for a free BEE Pro trial. We have dozens of tutorials to help you get started (and inspired!), and the drag-and-drop tool is super easy to use. Give it a try!

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