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Fall in Love With These Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Fall in Love With These Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and customers are ready to celebrate love and connection. You might think of Valentine’s as being a couples-only holiday. But single or not, people are pulling out their wallets for February 14th — purchasing gifts for family, friends, pets and more!

That’s why this is the perfect time to launch a Valentine’s Day email campaign. No matter who your target audience is, you can capitalize on this holiday to boost your revenue and sales. Use these Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas to create emails that will give your customers all the heart eyes (and help you meet your KPIs as a result).

Single or not, people are pulling out their wallets for February 14th — purchasing gifts for family, friends, pets and more. Click To Tweet

Start with a Valentine’s Day email subject line

Your subject line sets the tone for the rest of your email, so make sure it’s a good one. Hearts and other relevant emojis (roses, lips, heart eyes) can grab the eye and add some color to your message. Words like “Valentine,” “gift” and “love” are also popular in Valentine’s Day email subject lines. Check out these examples from our inbox:

  • Last minute favorites your Valentine will ❤️ (Paper Source)
  • 50% off > having a Valentine ? (LuckyBrand)
  • Our menu for home-cooked romance (MyRecipes)
  • Give your lips some love this Valentine’s Day ? (Benefit Cosmetics)
  • Planning Valentine’s dinner? ? Get everything you need with Instacart. (Instacart)
  • 10 perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. And go. (UrbanDaddy New York)
  • We can’t bottle up our love for you! ❤️ (Suja Juice)

Go in with a strategy

Email segmentation is important at every time of the year so you can make sure the right people are getting your emails. But on Valentine’s Day, proper segmentation is even more essential. Men buy more gifts than women on Valentine’s Day, and millennials spend the most money ($22.3 billion) among the generations. When you segment your emails, you can strike the right tone with each group. As you craft your Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas, remember that a gift guide like this Valentine’s Day email from DAKS can be a helpful way to direct your customers toward the best gift.

Subject line: Valentines gift guide for him and her from DAKS

valentine's day email

Take a different route

Florists and candy shops have an easy job around Valentine’s Day. But for companies in other industries, it might take a little more creativity to market your product. Tuft & Needle came right out and told its readers to “ditch the roses,” saying that its mattresses were “way better than chocolates.” Clever messaging like that is more likely to capture readers’ attention.

Subject line: Way better than chocolates.

valentine's day email marketing ideas

TripAdvisor also got creative by thinking about how its service was related to Valentine’s Day. The result: An email with Valentine’s Day activity ideas for the company’s travel-savvy readers.

Subject line: Amazing (last-minute) things to do for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day email marketing

And finally, we’re big fans of this email from skincare brand Plant Apothecary telling customers to love their skin.

Subject line: Love is in the air ?

valentine's day email design

Just like these Valentine’s Day marketing ideas, spend a little time brainstorming the intersections between Valentine’s Day and what your company offers. Then once you’ve found those connections, use them!

Don’t go overboard with Valentine’s Day email design

We’re all in favor of Valentine’s-themed colors and other design elements. But too much pink isn’t good for anybody. When in doubt, play it safe, deferring to your usual branding rather than adding too many hearts.

Starbucks uses a pale peach background color in this Valentine’s Day email. It’s not overwhelming and makes a good complement to the rest of the message. Photos of the company’s Valentine’s products make the cut, too. And Starbucks saved space for other news items beyond the holiday, mentioning its rewards program and Black History Month at the end.

Subject line: Love at first sip

valentine's day email marketing design

Send your customers a Valentine

Valentine’s Day email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Keep things simple by sending your customers a heartfelt Valentine. Here, Draper James took a “treat yourself” angle and told its customers that Valentine’s Day was all about them.

Subject line: Our Valentine to you ?

valentine's day email example

You might also consider giving out a Valentine’s Day gift. Giving away a gift with purchase increases brand loyalty and boosts conversions. Murad Skincare offered a free mini product and free shipping with any purchase.

Subject line: A Valentine’s gift just for you. ?

valentine's day email design

If you put a required dollar amount on the purchase, customers are likely to spend more money than they’d planned. EiR NYC gave out a free lip balm with each purchase of $20 or more.

Subject line: Free lip balm for Valentine’s Day ends tomorrow 

valentine's day email example

Don’t stop after Valentine’s Day

Keep the spark alive by stretching your Valentine’s Day email campaign beyond February 14th. Ole Henriksen sent this email on the 16th, advertising its skincare products as a post-Valentine’s detox. We love the colorful product photos and the interactive content. Quizzes are hot commodities often shared on social media, and interactive content is only continuing to grow. Extending your Valentine’s Day campaign a little longer could grab customers who might have missed your prior emails.

Subject line: #SelfCareSunday: Post-Valentine’s Day Edition

valentine's day email idea

Wrap-up: Valentine’s Day email templates

With so many Valentine’s Day email marketing ideas out there, it’s easy to craft an email to market your brand. Spread the love this year with our Valentine’s Day email templates, like this Valentine’s Day Offer template created by Hector Titus Ruiz:

With the BEE editor, creating a Valentine’s Day email to clients or customers is easier and more efficient than ever. Use BEE’s simple email design tools to create a Valentine’s email that your readers will fall in love with this year!

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