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7 Design Moves for Your Fall Email Campaign

7 Design Moves for Your Fall Email Campaign

Is your fall email campaign ready to go? Even though temps across the country have been uncomfortably high—90s and humid, whew!—brands are in full fall mode. This means inboxes are cooling down with the latest back-to-school offerings, autumn launch announcements, and new seasonal promotions. If you haven’t joined in on the fun yet, our list will get you inspired. Whether you’re building your fall email campaign or something else, these design moves are ones to try! Read on and check ’em out.

#1. Try an itty bitty animation

Animated GIFs don’t have to be the central component of your email. Lately, we’ve seen emails that offer just a little bit of movement to catch the eye. Check out this one from Harry’s introducing a new line of body wash and soap.

Subject: Introducing: Body Wash and Bar Soap

Harry's fall email campaign

Can you guess which part is animated? The scents illustration—in the mid-right section—rotates, showing all three options in a clever way:

Harry's fall email campaign

Subtle GIFs like this can be super simple, but they also level-up your email, showing readers some real thought and high-quality design went into it. Here’s another example of a little more movement from Article:

Subject: Our Labor Day Sale waits for no man ⏰.

Labor Day fall email campaign

And another example of an animated header/logo from Serpentine Gallery:

Serpentine Gallery fall email campaign

GIFs are a great invitation to get creative!

#2. Ask a question

What better way to engage readers than to ask a question! We love a good in-email one-question survey. But look how this recent email from Suiteness turns that concept on its head, asking readers a question that helps them book a room—info that may or may not be for Suiteness’s own data collection.

Subject: To cook or not to cook

Suiteness fall email campaign

If you choose Yes, you’re taken to a landing page that lists hotel suites with kitchens. If you click No, Suiteness provides hotel options with 24-hour room service “for a no-chore vacation.” How suite—er, sweet—is that?

#3. Get creative with your photo collage

Photo grids: almost all emails have ’em. But all photo grids don’t have to look alike! Did you know that in the BEE editor you can adjust the padding on an image differently along each side? This means you can create interesting shapes with white space, just like Need Supply Co. does in this stunning email.

Subject: FREE 2-DAY SHIPPING / Swedish Connection

Need Supply Co. fall email campaign

Such an unexpected, creative look for an email! It’s a simple design move that creates a lot of visual interest. But if asymmetrical design isn’t your thing, you can still make your photo grid interesting by varying image size and adding text atop an image in an out-of-the-ordinary way, like in this email from Helmut Lang.

Subject: Autumn/Winter 18-19 Womenswear

Helmut Lang fall email campaign

There’s no rule that you need white space between images. These photos jut up against one another, and it creates a nice effect. Plus, that large, yellow type is beautiful on the white background. And remember you can add live, mobile-friendly text on top of background images in the BEE editor.

#4. Spotlight community content

A little bit of user-generated content can go such a long way. Showing readers how other folks are using your product helps them imagine how they might use/wear/enjoy it, too, and it’s a chance for you to build brand trust. It’s like saying: all these people love our stuff; you might too! There are a ton of variations of UCG out in the email world, and this one from Nisolo is a beautiful recent example:

Subject: As seen on Instagram.

Nisolos fall email campaign

Here are some design tips: Make sure you give image credit! (And, consider asking in advance for a user’s permission to share). Use an HTML background color beneath and around your image or GIF, and make sure your CTA is bulletproof!

#5. Simplify. Then simplify some more.

We can’t write a list around here without including a bit of our very favorite advice: keep it simple! Emails are not websites. Next time you’re building a campaign, try stripping away a few sentences. A few images. A navigation menu. An extra CTA button or two. Just try, and see where you end up. You might love your streamlined look! For inspiration, check out the chic vibe Kotn creates in this ultra simple stunning message.

Subject: Fall is in session.

Kotn fall email campaign

Here’s the full copy of this email: “Layer up. Fall is in season. And two layers are better than one. Shop the lookbook.” Boom. Your copywriter will love you when you give them this direction! But seriously, a few lines is all this email needs. The photography here is gorgeous, and the call-to-action only needs to be stated once. Attention spans are short. Give readers a break with a straightforward, beautiful email.

#6. Make it a list

Is there anything better than a good listicle? We gotta be honest: we love this organization technique. Turning content into a list always seems to make it more fun—and maybe even easier—to read and view. This recent email from Hugo Boss is a dynamic example of list fun.

Subject: Transition from Summer to Fall with Ease

Hugo Boss fall email campaign

And check out this pretty example from Equinox, too.

Subject: Bang out this 12-minute routine

Equinox fall email campaign

We love the zigzag layout and gray background! You can see the text is a bit blurred because it’s an image, though. Avoid that by using plain text in your photo collages!

#7. Start with a template

Feeling uninspired? Stuck? Short on time? Get started with a built-in template that you can customize to make your own. Most design platforms have this option. BEE has templates aplenty, ready for you to use on the go! Here’s a little preview of a few:

BEE templates fall email campaign

We hope you’re feeling inspired by these autumnal email tricks! You can build your own fall email campaign today with a free trial of BEE Pro. The editor is intuitive and easy to use, and all your messages will be mobile responsive!

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