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Employer Branding Emails That Build Connections with Your Ideal Applicants

Employer Branding Emails That Build Connections with Your Ideal Applicants

Are you looking for ways to brand your business and connect with potential employees? Employer branding emails might be just what you need. These messages are a great way to reach out to applicants, helping to improve your talent pool and show your target employees exactly why your company is a great place to work. Let’s dig into how these messages can help your business and what you need to do to create them!

Are you looking for ways to brand your business and connect with potential employees? Employer branding emails might be just what you need. Click To Tweet

Why build an employer brand?

The term “employer brand” describes a company’s reputation and the culture it provides for employees. Your employer brand should accurately represent your business and position your company as a great place to work.

Think of employer branding as a way to market your company to would-be employees. There’s a lot of talent out there, and many qualified candidates have no problem finding a good job. So in order for your company to attract top-notch potential employees, it’s important to think about employer branding. This kind of marketing can also help you retain the employees you already have. And that’s why it’s so essential to keep up with this marketing strategy.

Employer branding can take place on a lot of different channels. But email is by far one of the most important. As Storq points out in this employer branding email, your list of email subscribers is full of people who already know and (hopefully) love your brand. Who better to work for you than someone who’s part of your target audience? Your next employee might already be reading your emails. But they may not realize you’re looking for them until you send an employer branding email.

Subject line: We’re hiring. Come work at Storq!

employer branding email example

Here are a few tips to create an employer branding email that will connect with potential applicants.

Explain your EVP

First up on our list of employer branding email strategies: Explain the EVP, or employer value proposition, of your company. Your EVP points out what makes your brand different — and better than — your competitors. To define your EVP you can ask questions like:

  • What’s unique about our company culture?
  • What do we provide our employees that our competitors don’t?
  • What’s our vision and mission?

Your employer value proposition is what’s going to convince potential employees to come on board with your brand. For example, in this hiring email, American Eagle Outfitters shares the benefits and perks it provides employees.

Subject line: YOU’RE INVITED: AE & Aerie holiday hiring event!

we're hiring email

Don’t overwhelm

While it’s important to share your EVP with readers, you don’t want to overdo it. Including too much information in one email can overwhelm people. So instead, narrow in on your primary selling point and push it hard. Century 21 keeps it simple in this uncluttered employer branding email. Its main message? The company is hiring. To learn anything beyond that, readers need to visit the landing page linked in the email.

Subject line: WE’RE HIRING! Join Century 21 stores for the holidays

simple employer branding email

Share video content

An email that includes a video can increase your click-through rate by 300%! Try sharing video content in your employer branding emails to show what it’s like to work at your company. Let a current employee take your readers behind-the-scenes with a day-in-the-life video. This is a great way to help email subscribers picture themselves working there, too.

Communicate your company culture

The design choices you make in your employer branding emails should subtly communicate the culture of your company. This email from Chubbie’s says a lot about the brand. From the hilarious photos, the irreverent tone of the copy and the basic layout of the message, you can tell that Chubbie’s doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is a company that wants to have fun.

Subject line: We’re hiring man models

funny branding email

Involve your employees

Encourage your employees to share their experience working for your company. In employer branding emails, this could take the form of testimonials sharing what current employees like about your company. Or take your cue from Pinch of Yum and introduce your email readers to their future coworkers — sharing photos, and brief explanations of each person’s job.

Subject line: We’re hiring: Video specialist

employer branding email idea

Craft strong employer branding email subject lines

For your employer branding email subject lines, it’s helpful to include the word “hiring” if you’re looking for applicants. This will grab the reader’s attention and make it immediately clear what’s inside the message.

Share helpful content

Use your employer branding emails to share relevant content with your readers. In this message, Esthetig Web Design shared an article with tips for getting hired in UX design. Similarly, you might choose to share content based around job hunting in your industry, or across-the-board info on how job seekers should present themselves in an interview. Sharing this kind of helpful content communicates to would-be employees that you’re on their side. You want them to succeed!

Subject line: Smart Ways to Monetize a Website, Ultimate Guide To Get Hired, 7 Steps to Create a UX Case Study, Revealing Footer Effect, CSS Mondrian, Whatruns, Sketch Dark Mode Plugin, Stanley Font

employer branding email newsletter

Add a CTA

If you’d like your readers to apply to work for you, link to a job application in your CTA. Or take a slightly different route by inviting people to learn more about your brand. Paper Source has a few different CTAs in this employer branding email. You’re given the option to:

  • Search careers
  • Find a store near you
  • Learn more about Paper Source

Subject line: We’re hiring for the holidays 

employer branding email

This CTA structure is effective because it isn’t pushy. If someone isn’t ready to commit to the job search, no pressure! They can simply learn more about the company instead.

Remember your employer branding email signatures

Remember to include your contact information, including social media links, at the bottom of your message. Cook Smarts includes its mission in the employer branding email signature of this message, which is a great way for people to get to know the brand a little more.

Subject line: We’re hiring!

employer branding email signature

Wrap-up: Employer branding email templates

Now that you know the best employer branding email strategies, it’s time to jump in and design your own emails. Use our HR email templates, like this Job Finder message created by Regina Tagirova, to design your employer branding emails!

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