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Top Email Design Trends For 2022

Top Email Design Trends For 2022

Email design trends are always changing and smart design moves last year might not be what put you ahead of the pack this year. As you step into 2022, make space for growth by staying open to new ways to engage with your customers and prospects. 

Keeping up to speed with email design trends will strengthen your email marketing campaigns and allow you to consistently stand out in the inbox. Here are email design trends to expect in 2022.


6 Email Design Trends for 2022

As email design continues to evolve, be sure to keep up with trends so your marketing campaigns stand out amongst your competitors. Take note to get ahead on your 2022 campaigns with these 6 key trends.


Optimism and lightheartedness

After enduring years of restrictions, lockdowns and masks, it’s time to bring fresh air and fun into our email designs. Take a look at the colors and gradients you’re using. What emotions do they evoke? What stories are you telling in email? At the end of the day, we’re designing for the humans at the other end of the screen. 

Dark Mode

According to a poll by Android Authority, over 90% of users use some type of dark mode on their mobile devices. Dark mode is growing in popularity, as it makes for a less eye-straining reading/working experience. Plenty of devices – both desktop and mobile – allow for an easy switch to dark mode. The days of choosing between a light design and a dark design are over. Make sure you optimize every design for both. 

Mobile Design

Optimizing your email designs for mobile devices is becoming more and more important every year. Tests have found that 42.3% of people will delete an email if it’s not optimized for mobile. As new tools evolve to enable detailed responsive design, keeping  mobile design trends top of mind is a must. 


Emails are expected to become more interactive and animated in 2022. As our technology continues to evolve to enable larger image files, we’re able to bring in designs that are more eye-catching and exciting for subscribers. Add more GIFs and scroll animations to your list of bold email design ideas. 

More personalization

Adding [first name] to the beginning of your email no longer counts as personalization. A truly personalized experience calls for segmentation, merge tags and crafty use of customer data. Examples like Spotify Wrapped have changed the game for what customers expect to find in their email. 

Spotify wrapped

Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer in the distant future. In fact, it’s already here. If the aforementioned trends feel overwhelming to you, enlisting the help of AI-powered tools may be the answer. AI can help craft subject lines, choose color pallets, and even deliver customized content to your customers.


2022 Email Design Trends with BEE Pro

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