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How to Elevate Email Marketing and Create No-Code Custom Designs with BEE Pro and HubSpot

How to Elevate Email Marketing and Create No-Code Custom Designs with BEE Pro and HubSpot

Email marketing allows sales and marketing teams to easily engage with customers, across all industries and organization sizes. With global email users estimated to grow to 4.6 billion users in 2025, it’s no surprise that email marketing still remains an extremely popular method for connecting with customers. It’s quick, affordable, and a great way to communicate with your audience, wherever they are.

But email marketing doesn’t have to remain static. Responsive and intuitive email design infused with creativity and your unique brand helps pique your audience’s interest at just the right moment, encouraging them to engage.

So how can companies improve their email marketing and design, while maintaining key workflows and minimizing tech burden?

BEE Pro is a complete no-code email and landing page design suite for creating digital content quickly and efficiently, and it’s friendly to marketers, designers, and non-designers. With over 1,300 professionally designed email and page templates, teams of all sizes and design skill levels can drag and drop design elements in the easy-to-use editor. 

Collaborative design and marketing software helps teams get emails and landing pages out the door faster by centralizing the design process and giving all stakeholders — like marketers, designers, and copywriters — access to the same working file. With complete flexibility throughout the design process, content marketing teams can test designs, optimize, and figure out the best ways to connect with their target personas at scale.

With the full support of BEE Pro’s content design suite as a HubSpot certified app, there is a seamless way to connect email and landing page designs to HubSpot, without losing any functionality. The BEE Pro Integration with HubSpot equips teams with smart design tools that allows them to quickly format emails as needed and easily export them right into HubSpot — keeping messaging and branding consistent throughout, and transferring contact data automatically.

Here’s how companies, teams, and individuals in industries like HR, e-commerce, design, and education are using the BEE Pro Integration with HubSpot to create professional and dynamic email content to engage with their customers.

How design flexibility + collaboration allow more creative freedom for emails and landing pages

The BEE Pro Integration with HubSpot gives sales and marketing teams of all skill levels the ability to design emails and landing pages quickly. No matter your level of design skills, any user can create professional assets that are automatically linked to their contact database. Drag-and-drop modules are ideal for e-commerce, marketing, and sales emails, highlighting conversion elements. 

BEE Pro Integration with HubSpot

Here are a few ways using design tools with your CRM benefits sales and marketing teams by establishing creative freedom and enabling design collaboration. 

Collaboration streamlines the design process

Collaboration is a core element of the BEE Pro and HubSpot integration. Whether you are an individual freelancer working with clients or a large organization that wants to empower entire teams, the collaboration tools allow all users to work together while minimizing back-and-forth. Users can add comments to any element found in an email or page and admins can set predefined roles for all users. The tool also supports brand consistency with custom colors, fonts, and other details for each brand or team.

Design flexibility can take an email to a landing page quickly

Teams can transform any email that has been created into a landing page with one click — allowing them to reuse existing content. This flexibility allows marketers to design full digital campaigns quickly and easily. They can also add page-specific content like signup forms, images, and videos (including video backgrounds) before the landing page is published to QA for consistency and conversion opportunities. If they start with a page, they can go the other way around, quickly transforming a landing page into an email that will drive traffic to it.

email to landing page

Mobile design mode keeps your email designs fully optimized

Mobile design mode allows teams to ensure that their email and page designs are fully optimized for mobile devices without needing to switch between the editor stage and preview mode. A quick toggle switches views and users can continue editing in both modes — guaranteeing that the design looks exactly as it should. 

3 ways BEE Pro and HubSpot give teams more design freedom and responsiveness in marketing campaigns

Email and landing page design with BEE Pro and HubSpot gives sales and marketing teams the ability to customize email marketing and content campaigns, incorporating visual elements, CTAs, and more. With the BEE Pro design suite and visual editor, teams can design, create, and maintain their email templates and campaigns all in one location — cutting out unnecessary applications that can make the process clunky and time-consuming.

Here’s how users can leverage BEE Pro and HubSpot to enable more design freedom in their content marketing campaigns and better engage their audiences.

  1. Build out attractive and responsive custom emails

    Teams like our friends at Agropur build attractive custom emails with the built-in opportunity to track analytics in HubSpot. That ease of use makes creating responsive custom emails from scratch much simpler with full design flexibility and a library of over 1,300 email templates that can be edited to fit your industry or audience.

    BEE Pro email templates

  2. Keep important data in one location while designing

    Users can create more sophisticated landing pages and emails while still maintaining all important data in HubSpot. There’s no need to move data to a completely different platform to design. Inari Medical, Inc uses the integration to create landing pages with an elevated layout before exporting them into HubSpot to send the final drafts to their associations. This streamlines the email design process from start to finish.

  3.  Access design elements without interrupting the workflow

    When the design suite is part of the technical workflow, it reduces clicks significantly and helps ease the transition between working on different activities.  

    For users like Thunder Funding, making use of the quick and easy process to create beautifully designed emails before exporting them to HubSpot is simple with access to granular design elements and powerful features like mobile design mode. 

    “The integration with HubSpot works really efficiently. I design the email inside BEE Pro, once the design is ready I just have to click on the  ‘Export to HubSpot’  [option], and… here we go, the message is ready to be used inside my HubSpot account. It perfectly tracks CTR and I didn’t find any issues,” says Matteo Mazzolari, a satisfied customer in the financial services space. “This helps me speed up the email creation process and helps me design amazing emails.”


When design tools are more accessible, creativity can soar. These combined tools present tons of opportunities for new A/B tests, collaborations with other brands, and updated nurturing flows.

Join over 400+ companies and teams across industries that have sped up their email and landing page design process with a stunning professional touch using the BEE Pro Integration with HubSpot.

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