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Election Day Emails: Which Brands Are Getting Out the Vote?

Election Day Emails: Which Brands Are Getting Out the Vote?

In these politically charged times, many brands are asking themselves how to use their voice. For the 2018 midterm election, we were curious to see who would choose to send Election Day emails. And we were surprised to find some unexpected answers in our inbox. All kinds of companies and organizations spoke up about Election Day, encouraging readers to vote in their own unique, on-brand way. Scroll down for some serious inspiration.

Beauty brands make it count.

These skincare and makeup brands show their brand values go deeper than a smooth complexion.

Youth to the People

Subject: WEEKLY BOOST: It’s time.

Election Day Emails

We love this modern, edgy look from YTTP. The asymmetrical layout, bright HTML background color, and large text make this message bold and eye-catching.

Milk Makeup

Subject: Make it count.

Election Day Emails

In this Election Day email, Milk Makeup tells its readers exactly what the brand stands for: self-expression in beauty and action. It’s a strong, effective statement that connects its mission directly to the call to action to vote. Plus, check out this sweet GIFElection Day Emails

Coffee culture calls for action.

All fueled up from your morning cup-o-joe? Good—now these coffee companies want you to use that energy to get to the polls.


Subject: Brew up some democracy – Stumptown is getting out the vote????????

Election Day Emails

Like all the brands on this list, Stumptown isn’t telling you how to vote; it just wants you to do it. And this beautiful design is a great example of how well-formatted text can go a long way. No pictures? No problem.

La Colombe

Subject: Your voice. Your vote.

Election Day Emails

La Colombe isn’t just inviting you to vote. The brand also wants you to know it supports its employees in voting, too, which certainly makes a statement about its brand values.

The fashion and apparel industry speaks up.

Some fashion brands offered promotions for customers showing up with I VOTED stickers, while others encouraged readers to show up.


Subject: One word: Vote

Election Day Emails

Like many apparel companies, Madewell sends a promotional email daily featuring new products, sales, consumer-generated content, and the like. Needless to say, this one stood out. What’s notable about it is that it shows a real commitment to the message. There’s no tie-in promotion. Even the CTA button is about finding your polling place, NOT about shopping. We think it’s great. Plus, who can resist a good countdown timer?


Subject: Today, run outdoors. Tuesday, run to the polls

Election Day Emails

Athleta provides a little prod to vote in its subject line, followed by this last module. It’s a more subtle approach than Madewell; each brand has to determine what works best for its voice and audience.

J. Crew

Subject: It’s go time: Take 40% off wear-now styles

Election Day Emails

You almost wouldn’t know this is a “go vote” email (no subject line mention), but the election day promo from J. Crew includes a discount at the very bottom. The bold background color makes it stand out.

Mission-driven brands

For brands on a mission to protect the environment, election day emails show a commitment to the cause.


Subject: Get to the polls.

Election Day Emails

Patagonia’s email is one in a series of election day messages the brand sent these past few weeks. While the brand is known for producing outdoor apparel and gear, it also has a long history of commitment to honoring and protecting nature. The design simplicity here is powerful. Patagonia is literally making a statement, and it’s hard to miss.

Parks Project

Subject: You Ready to Vote for Parks?

Election Day Emails

For a brand that’s dedicated to national parks t-shirts, hats, and accessories made with purpose, this email is right in line with what customers would expect. It’s a long one, but we appreciate the single column modular design and great use of live text.

Seventh Generation

Subject: Commit to Clean on Election Day

Election Day Emails

Seventh Generation sent a climate-themed email chock full of information for readers, along with encouragement to vote. The modular design is easy to follow and the CTA buttons, while not overly compelling, are easy to find.

Plus a few more:


Subject: Election Day is tomorrow. Need a Lyft ride?

Election Day Emails

This email from Lyft is a beauty. Simple, crisp, clear. Live text. Huge legible headers. A clear CTA button you can’t miss. Bravo!


Subject: Useful (Voting) Things To Click On + a Special Giveaway

Election Day Emails

We love this hero image art from Tattly. And the email altogether is easy to read and a pleasure to look at. A bulletproof button here or there would be nice, but we’ll take it!

Did you see any Election Day emails you admired? Let us know! And we hope these examples provided some inspiring examples of how to navigate politics in a way that suits your brand. Happy email designing!

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