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Eclipse Email Designs We’re Over the Moon For

Eclipse Email Designs We’re Over the Moon For

We’re still buzzing with excitement about the solar eclipse, and so is our inbox! As you might guess, brands took the opportunity to promote more than just eclipse glasses. Our inbox was full of special promotions and eclipse-themed content. Quite a few really impressed us! Check out our roundup of our favorite eclipse email designs. If you weren’t already inspired by the celestial bodies above, maybe you’ll take something away from the designs that eclipsed the rest.

Sprint: A deal (and GIF) to eclipse all others

Coyuchi: Beautiful illustration linked to special blog content

La Colombe: An “Eclipse Day” celebration that lasts all week

Casper: A list-building giveaway for a once-in-a-lifetime eclipse party

Pottery Barn: 21% off on August 21

AIGA: A roundup of designers’ eclipse-themed art

Sleep Sherpa: Simple and punny

Land of Nod: An eclipse checklist for space lovers


This month’s eclipse email designs show you don’t need to wait for an official “holiday” to build a creative email campaign. Most of these email designs aren’t complicated, either. A little foresight, clever copy, and a strong image can be enough to harness the attention of your audience on any day. (And in case you’re wondering: America’s next solar eclipse will be in 2024!)

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