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Easter Email Marketing Ideas for a Colorful Holiday

Easter Email Marketing Ideas for a Colorful Holiday

Everybody could use a dash of life and color right now, so thank goodness it’s almost Easter! Eight out of 10 U.S. adults celebrate the holiday, spending around $151 per person. Getting your brand in front of customers can help you connect with your audience, and brands in any industry can dive into the holiday and use smart email marketing to boost conversion rates. Since Easter falls on April 12 this year, it’s time to start designing your email campaign now. Check out these Easter email marketing ideas if you need a little inspiration:

Brands in any industry can dive into the Easter holiday and use smart email marketing to boost conversion rates. Since Easter falls on April 12 this year, it’s time to start designing your email campaign now. Click To Tweet

Personalize your CTA like Pupbox

Pupbox has a cute, on-brand CTA that reads, “Paw here, Charlie!” The CTA button is also bright pink, helping it stand out. Personalizing your CTA button with each customer’s name (or their pet’s name, if relevant) can pay off big-time. Personalized CTA’s convert 202% better than general ones.

Subject line: Hey ma, I think I ate da Easter Bunny

easter email ideas

Embrace the season like Urban Skin

By mid-April when Easter comes around, springtime is in full swing. So don’t be afraid to go all out with your spring email design. Urban Skin highlighted its Easter products with a gorgeous shade of green and a wreath made of flowers and Easter eggs.

Subject line: Celebrate Easter with buy 2 get 1 FREE!

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Add little touches like The Company Store

Sometimes it’s the little details that take an email from good to great. That’s certainly the case with this email from The Company Store — we love the bunny ears sitting on top of the zero below! Try accenting your design with holiday symbols like eggs or bunnies to give your readers a fun surprise when they open your email.

Subject line: Happy Easter ? A treat is waiting for you!

Easter email ideas

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Stay on-brand like TJ Maxx

Seasonal emails are fun, but it’s important to strike a good balance. Don’t get so busy designing a colorful Easter email that you forget to stay on-brand. This TJ Maxx email stands out because it’s very clearly branded. The email utilizes a font and color that will be familiar to its customers, but still incorporates some springtime fun with the Easter basket pictured in the center.

Subject line: There’s still time! Hurry in for Easter goodies.

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Play with patterns like Draper James

Patterns are underutilized in email design. But if you’re careful not to overdo them, patterns can add a unique touch to Easter email campaigns. Here, Draper James went with a classy polka dot background in various pastel colors. The finished effect looks almost like a scrapbook. Try playing around with patterns and texture as you work on your Easter email marketing ideas!

Subject line: Free 2-day shipping for Easter ?

creative Easter email design

Start early like Mark & Graham

Gift and accessory brand Mark & Graham sent this email over a week before the holiday. According to data from the National Retail Federation, this is a good choice: 83% of Easter emails arrive in inboxes well before the holiday. Design your Easter email campaign to start well before Easter and finish up after the holiday. For example, consider extending an Easter sale into the next week.

Subject line: ? Up to 50% off spring favorites + FINAL DAYS for Easter delivery!

easter email

Entice your readers like Tie Bar

This Tie Bar email walks the reader through how the company’s product can be helpful on Easter morning. Try crafting a similar email that helps your reader envision how purchasing your product could improve their life.

Subject line: Outfits for Easter (under $100)

easter email ideas

Optimize your Easter email subject lines

Our inbox is full of Easter email subject lines, and a few key trends stick out. First of all, we’ve noticed a lot of Easter puns — hop to it, egg-cellent and similar wordplay. Next, emojis are a popular choice; brands are using the bunny emoji, the emoji with the chick in an egg and more. And finally, we’re seeing a lot of urgency-inducing subject lines to hurry up and shop sales. Many brands are including numbers and percentages in their Easter email subject lines, and this tactic has been proven to increase clickthrough rate in a big way.

Wrap-Up: Easter email template

Creating Easter email campaigns can be a lot of fun. But more than that, it’s a smart move for your business and can help boost your conversion rate. To help you out, we have three Easter email templates available! Our free Easter Day email template (designed by Martin Nikolchev) is a great way for fashion brands to highlight their products.

This free Easter Comics email template by Galina Grahovska puts a fun spin on the holiday with lots of colorful Easter eggs.

Finally, our Special Easter email template by Martin Nikolchev (which you can access with a free two-week trial of BEE Pro) is a great choice for brands in any industry.

Use these Easter email templates to create some colorful Easter emails and connect with your customers this spring!

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