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Announcement: BEE Pro Doubles Down on design democratization with the launch of a 100% Free plan

Announcement: BEE Pro Doubles Down on design democratization with the launch of a 100% Free plan

Although digital marketing has changed since its beginning 20 years ago, it’s no secret that email remains the most reliable way to communicate with your audience. According to Statista, there are 306 billion emails sent daily. The popularity of email marketing – coupled with the dramatic rise in remote work – has led to a seismic decentralization of email design.

More than ever, professionals, business owners, and creators rely on email communications to stay in touch with their audiences, and need tools that help them create those emails quickly and on their own. 

BEE Pro has helped over 350,000 people create emails and landing pages with no-code, fast design tools since 2016. Starting today, a new free plan will support even more projects with a 100% no-charge subscription available to everyone.

BEE Pro Free plan


Decentralization of Email Design

Why are hundreds of thousands of people using a tool like BEE Pro?

The rise of remote work over the last two years dramatically accelerated a decentralization of digital asset creation, including email design. What used to be the responsibility of email marketers and HTML specialists is now a collaboration between people from different backgrounds and skill sets, often working in different locations. 

As a result, many are expected to have some knowledge of email marketing and design to get things done, regardless of their profession or the department within a company. 

It’s a new world that comes with a few challenges:

  • For one, learning new email design tools often takes time. The more difficult they are, the steeper the learning curve.
  • When it comes to collaborating, a lot of time can be lost through the constant back and forth between people not working in the same location. This results in a loss of productivity and deadlines.
  • More importantly, there is an over-reliance on designers to maintain the visual identity of all outgoing emails. This sometimes results in even further delays and keeps designers from working on more important tasks.

If everyone needs to create digital assets, then design tools must be accessible regardless of background, skill set, and budget.

In other words, this decentralization of design requires a democratization of design tools, which need to make it easy and fast for anyone to create the digital assets they need. Otherwise, decentralized teams find themselves moving too slowly.

In this contest, to be more useful to more people around the world, BEE Pro will now join the list of collaborative design tools offering a totally free plan. 

How BEE Pro Fits Into The Democratization of Design 

The democratization of design requires tools that are easy and flexible for everyone to use. But when those tools are available and adopted, another challenge arises: with more people designing, design consistency can be difficult to maintain, with possible negative consequences on a company’s brand.

Therefore, the same tools must also give a company brand control to ensure messaging and visual identity is consistent no matter who is designing.

BEE Pro is not just a great design tool. It’s a complete, no-code email and landing page creation suite that aims to address both concerns. Simple and fast design tools on one side. Brand controls on the other side. 

Style settings in BEE Pro

Example of configuring brand style settings in BEE Pro

The built-in drag-and-drop editor makes it easy for everyone from educators and HR Departments, to Solopreneurs and Designers to create beautiful and responsive emails and landing pages. Custom templates, reusable content blocks and predefined style settings provide ways to maintain a consistent brand identity.

Up until now, we have offered a two-week free trial for those interested in testing out the platform. The new BEE Pro Free plan gives everyone the freedom to test and experiment at their own pace, without any time limits.


BEE Pro Free Templates

Examples of BEE Pro templates

What makes BEE Pro Free a particularly great place for everyone to get started is our rich
email and landing page template catalog, which includes over 1300 free templates suitable for a wide variety of industries and use cases.

The templates are professionally designed, mobile-optimized, and are fully editable through the drag-and-drop builder that’s quick and intuitive for non-designers. For those with design experience, the editor provides full creative freedom to design from scratch. 

Another area in which BEE Pro helps decentralized teams is collaboration: it makes it really easy for team members and stakeholders to come together, design and review the content. For example, design-specific comment threads make reviewing and approving content faster and more accurate. For a quick inside look, here’s a short video that shows how that works.


Democratization of Design is Empowering

The idea that everyone can design beautiful and responsive emails and landing pages sounds scary to some. They fear there will be a loss of quality or overall bad designs as a result of allowing non-designers to create. For designers, the threat lies in a perceived decrease in the need for their skillset. Along with the possible extinction of their positions altogether. Regardless of where you stand, we’re here to put your concerns to rest. 

We believe that democratizing design is empowering, and created BEE Pro to help remove those fears. It was built from the start to make the collaboration between designers and non-designers fast and effective.

Professional designers can create an entire design system in BEE Pro, made of templates, reusable content blocks, and predefined styles (colors, fonts, etc.).

Reusable content blocks in BEE Pro

Example of reusable content blocks in BEE Pro

Non-designers are able to get tasks done faster by taking care of the last mile.

The democratization of design empowers them to learn new skills that allow them to do their jobs more effectively. In return, these skills allow them to take charge of small design tasks and stop over-relying on other teams to meet deadlines. 

The truth is, designers and creative teams will always be essential to organizations. Design systems and tools aren’t a threat to their positions, but rather allows them to focus on more important tasks. 

How It’s Done at BEE

At BEE, we embrace the democratization of design and the collaboration between designers and non-designers that goes with it. 

For example, our sales team often needs to quickly create and send emails to potential clients, or share landing pages with them. At times, this conflicts with the timeline and deadlines imposed on the design and marketing team. We spoke with Yuliana Pandelieva, our Graphic Designer, and Tyler Bennett, Head of Sales to share with us how they use BEE Pro to collaborate more effectively.

Yuliana shared that she “created a collection of saved rows (i.e. reusable content blocks) within BEE Pro to create emails on the spot that are tailored specifically to their client’s specific needs.  This included bios for the people from the sales team, information about the different product plans, testimonials from clients, etc.”


saved row feature on BEE Pro

Example of the saved rows feature created by Yuliana for our BEE Pro sales team

“BEE as an organization already has established a recognizable design style that is being used in all external communications, so generally speaking the task at hand was to create the required extra content in the same visual style, so the modules can be easily added and interchanged when needed.”

Tyler shared that the biggest benefit of this design system is that “what used to be weeks worth of work can now happen within a few hours.”

Different members of the team often find themselves collaborating on new emails and landing pages. Available on the BEE Pro Enterprise plan, real-time co-editing allows for an even greater level of collaboration, with people designing and copywriting at the same time, and things getting done even faster.

multi-user support BEE Free

Here you can find all of the BEE Pro features and how you can apply them to your own organization.

BEE Pro, now free for everyone.  

At BEE, we are fully embracing the democratization of design and are ready to support your organization in experiencing this new way of working. BEE Pro allows designers and non-designers to collaborate more efficiently, get things done faster, and stay on brand. The Free plan is a great way to get started, and paid plans are available when the tool is used more frequently, or when additional team management and brand control tools are needed.

BEE Pro Free is now available to everyone. Before signing up, you can browse our catalog of over 1,300 professionally designed emails and landing pages, and try BEE’s visual builder to edit them, within two clicks. 

Over 10,000 emails and pages are designed and exported or published every day by BEE Pro users. Now it’s your turn! 

Sign up for your free account here.

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