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Cyber Monday Email Marketing Ideas for 2020

Cyber Monday Email Marketing Ideas for 2020

The year is flying by and it’s almost Cyber Monday. Is your brand prepared? Cyber Monday is a major e-commerce holiday, and with the COVID-19 pandemic making online shopping more popular, it’s likely to be bigger than ever this year. Check out these Cyber Monday email marketing ideas to help promote your business.

Cyber Monday is a major e-commerce holiday, and with the COVID-19 pandemic making online shopping more popular, it’s likely to be bigger than ever this year. Click To Tweet

What’s Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday takes place on the Monday after Thanksgiving. This year, that’s November 30th. The term Cyber Monday first became popular in 2005. The National Retail Federation noticed a spike in online traffic and decided to make Cyber Monday an official holiday, hoping to drive up those sales even more. And it worked: By 2014, Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day of the year and racked up $2 billion in sales — a number that has only continued to rise.

Why should you participate?

Last year, U.S. sales on Cyber Monday hit a record-breaking $6.6 billion. Electronics, clothing and toys are the most popular products sold. Cyber Monday shoppers span age and race demographics: No matter who your target audience is, they’re likely to be browsing online stores on Cyber Monday. It’s your job to position your products as the best choice.

Covering multiple platforms and engaging in cross-channel promotion is your best bet to win over customers new and old. And email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your visibility. Start planning your Cyber Monday email marketing campaign now to be competitive and stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips and ideas to keep in mind.

Plan the best time to send Cyber Monday emails

The best time to send day-of Cyber Monday emails is from 8 to 10 a.m., according to Experian. And when the holiday is over, lots of brands “surprise” consumers by extending their sales. In this example, Leesa told its customers the good news in a few lines of clever copy: If they snoozed, they didn’t lose! Leesa’s Cyber Monday sales lasted all week.

Subject line: Cyber Monday? More like Cyber WEEK 📅

cyber monday email marketing ideas

Craft good Cyber Monday email subject lines

We’ve been seeing a few key trends in the Cyber Monday email subject lines in our inbox. First, brands are working to create urgency, using pressing language and all caps. Lots of companies are extending their sales past Cyber Monday itself. And finally, many brands used emojis to help grab their readers’ attention.

best cyber monday email subject lines

Use holiday-inspired design

On Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving is over and brands are transitioning into Christmas- and holiday-oriented marketing. Don’t be afraid to tap into the new season and use holiday-inspired design elements in your Cyber Monday email marketing. TOMS created a festive red background for this discount email.

Subject line: Today only! 30% off for Cyber Monday!

holiday email design

Create helpful content

Take a little extra time in your Cyber Monday email marketing to create content that builds your customer engagement. For example, skincare brand Murad created a holiday gift guide arranged by budget (under $50, under $100, under $150) and by person (for Mom, for a friend, for a work friend). This piece of content provides true value to customers who are thinking about what to buy for friends and family. And it’s also a great way to position Murad products as the best choice for everyone on the list.

Subject line:  ➡️ 30% off Cyber Monday savings inside

cyber monday email marketing

Jazz it up

Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle. Every Cyber Monday email campaign could use a little pizzazz! GIFs and sparkles are fun ways to help your product stand out. Take it from Kate Spade, which created this marketing email to showcase a discounted product in style.

Subject line: cyber monday special: only $129 for this tote

cyber monday email campaign

product gif

Make shopping simple

Make it easy for people to shop by providing links that will take them directly where they want to go. Puma offers multiple CTA buttons with different product categories — men’s, women’s and kids’ — so each reader can quickly find what they need. We’re also big fans of the CTA button copy that says “save” instead of the more traditional “shop.” Who doesn’t want to save money?

Subject line: Snoozed on Cyber Monday? The savings continue. 

cyber monday email example

cyber monday email with gif

Create a sense of urgency

Your goal is to get people to make a purchase. So your Cyber Monday email design should reflect it. Like The North Face does here, remind customers that this is their last chance — if they don’t shop now, the deals will be gone forever! When somebody feels like they’re missing out, they’ll be more likely to buy. Use your subject line, copy and other elements of the email to help improve conversions.

Subject line: Final hours for Cyber Monday savings 

cyber monday marketing email

Wrap-up: Cyber Monday email templates

Use these Cyber Monday email marketing ideas to help create your own campaign in the BEE email editor. Our Cyber Monday email templates can help you increase your sales and win big this holiday season!


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